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Town & Country Chats With Lucy Mao About Arcadia’s Mega-Mansion Growth

lucy-maoLucy Mao, one of Partners Trust’s seasoned associates, has a lot to say about the idyllic town of Arcadia—where it’s going, where it’s been and why it’s the new place to be if you have a few million to spare. Town & Country wanted to hear all about it. In a piece published on their website, Town & Country sat down with Lucy as she gave them an inside look into Arcadia: that place just 20 miles northeast of Downtown L.A. that has garnered a great deal of attention these days.

According to Lucy, Arcadia has always been a wonderful, diverse community that’s attracted higher median income families (the price-per-square-foot is 50 percent higher than in L.A. proper), and as of late, it’s become a hot investment spot for Chinese buyers. This is attributed in part to the economic boom happening in China and the fact that these families and investors have seemingly endless options when it comes to palatial living.


Casually coined the next Calabasas, Arcadia gives buyers the chance to live in sprawling mansions on beautiful shaded streets and customize homes to their desire, which can mean adding wok kitchens, mah-jongg rooms, feng shui design, retractable 3D televisions, swimming pools with mood lighting and beyond. With exceptional schools and weather, international buyers can delight in this locale.

Having come from a family where her father was heavily involved in the international importing of home goods, Lucy boasts an unprecedented knowledge of the area and its globalization. She is thoroughly well-versed in guiding clients through the “curvy process of escrow,” as she refers to it, and ultimately massaging a transaction that ends with keys in hand and satisfied smiles on her clients’ faces.


Along with a rich knowledge of the Arcadia market, Lucy can also speak to the value of owning a home—especially for those who travel frequently. She knows the importance of feeling secure and comfortable in one’s own space, even if that space is a 10,000-square-foot mansion with every imaginable luxury.

And, while the city has put curb laws in place and the Chinese government has sought to tighten offshore investments, Arcadia—the charming suburb—still continues to flourish and amaze with mansions that rival some of Southern California’s most popular zip codes.

*Photos Courtesy of Town & Country

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