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Associate Partner Nancy Eisenstadt Talks Good Eats, Good Deeds and Watching PT Grow

There’s real estate and then there’s real estate with Nancy Eisenstadt. As one of the early members of the Partners Trust team, Nancy, an LA native has a rich understanding of the land, what will work for you and what won’t. She’s proven, time and time again, that she’s among the best with a willingness to search and sell in any area.


As a devoted wife and mother of two, Nancy is known for excelling at everything she does–from philanthropy with several impactful local organizations like Concern Foundation to multi-million dollar sales. She’s the one so many look to not only to organize and spearhead philanthropic efforts, but to point people in the right direction for a memorable meal (check out her favorites below). She’s also an early rising SoulCycle devotee.

Nancy’s approach to real estate is one that involves passion and diligence. We caught up with the PT superstar to learn more about this passion, her success and why DTLA is rocking her world right now.

You’re a Los Angeles native. Tell us your local favorites–restaurants, parks, family activities and attractions.

I’d say one of my favorite things as far as dining is to find new restaurants. For most of my life going downtown was unheard of, but now there are so many fun and trendy restaurants in that area. I really enjoy the Factory Kitchen, and many of the other new restaurants downtown. We  have had a great time doing CicLAvia when it’s been downtown and we’ve stopped in at Grand Central Market for lunch. Closer to home, I’m always pleased with LaScala or The Tavernboth within walking distance of the office. Some of my favorite “go to” restaurants are  AOC, Joan’s on Third, South Beverly Grill and Gulfstream, to name a few, but I’m always up for a good sushi dinner—one of my favorites is Bar Hayama! I’m looking forward to Eataly when it opens in Century City too.

As for recreation, I’m an avid fan of SoulCycle and for the past year you can find me there Mon-Fri at 6am. Some say it’s crazy, but it gets my day started and by 7am I’m done with my exercise and I don’t have to think about it again! I also enjoy concerts with my husband and friends, especially at the Hollywood Bowl–I love packing a picnic dinner and eating there under the stars on a summer evening. I also like to see plays when I can—a favorite spot for that would be The Pantages and we can either go old line to Muso & Franks, or Sushi at Katsuya. I also really enjoy the beach when I actually get down there, and who doesn’t like Disneyland?!

As founding member of PT Charitable Giving Fund we know giving back is important to you. Can you tell us about organizations you’re involved with and why?

I was raised to give back to the community, so I have followed in my parents’ footsteps and have been active in Concern Foundation for cancer research, an organization that my parents helped to found in 1968. The organization was started for a friend of theirs who was diagnosed with Breast cancer at the age of 40. I have watched family members lose the battle to cancer, as well as watched my own dad battle with and survive the disease.

Concern has raised millions of dollars to help fund researchers throughout the world and I have been involved in that, helping out at fundraisers among other things. I served as Chairman of the Board in 2014-2016 and I am responsible, now, for dealing with over 40 restaurants at our annual block party on the Paramount backlot, where over 4,000 people attend. Partners Trust was actually the first (and to date the only) company that was an honoree in 2013.

I am also on the Board of Directors of Our House Grief Support Center.  This is a wonderful organization that helps families deal with the loss of a loved one–especially those dealing with the loss of a young child. I am part of the fund development committee helping to raise money, and I’ve  chaired the Gala for two years, one of their fundraisers, along with the Walk For Hope, a truly unique experience where people of all ages walk in memory of a loved one or friend.

I sit on the Woman’s Board of the Jewish Federation, Sylvia Weisz Womens Philanthropy Board. This organization helps not only Israel, but many Los Angeles organizations as well. Through this, I have met many  incredible woman who sit on the board.

I am also one of the founding members of the PT Charitable Giving Fund, which is something that I am so passionate about. As in my own life, I think as realtors it’s so important for each of us to give back to the community. I really believe that our clients appreciate that Partners Trust is devoted to helping local organizations.

You went from being a professional in radio broadcasting to CEO of your household when your kids were born and back to the professional world as a real estate agent — tell us about this path. How are the three related?

I began my career selling radio advertising time, and it was there that I gained my work ethic–being there with all the information and materials needed for the advertisers to make the right decision for their clients. When my children were young, I decided to become a stay at home mom. Though my family was my number one priority, I spent many years involved with Crossroads School where I served as Parent Association President, and then as a tour guide, in addition to working with Concern Foundation. In 2010 when my daughter went away to college, I realized that my son would be going away three years after that, which meant I would have A LOT of time on my hands–and I like to be busy. I knew the radio advertising business had changed significantly since I was involved, so I had to think of something that could use my sales skills.

Throughout 26 years of marriage, my husband Mike has always been supportive of my career, and my time spent with charity work. Together we have raised two wonderful children Tori, 24 and Bryan 22, but it was clear that as empty nesting was imminent, it would be important for me to have a new identity.

When did you start at Partners Trust?

Founding Partner F. Ron Smith is a personal friend of mine, as both of our children went through Crossroads together. He and Tracy were eager for me to learn about his new company and Ron had me come by the Brentwood office shortly after it opened in 2009. I remember the day I said, “Ron what do you have for me at Partners Trust? Because I want to get involved.” He told me to come and listen in on their weekly meetings. The company was way smaller at the time, and it has been fun to watch it grow. I had always had an obsession with real estate. When my family moved from Cheviot Hills to Beverly Hills when I was 13 I was the one reading the newspaper looking for the open houses and I never stopped. I looked every weekend for years and was still looking in 2010…I loved going to open houses in my neighborhood of Westwood Hills as well as other neighborhoods, so for a year I went to all the meetings and learned how to do social media, while studying for my real estate license. I got my license in 2011 and have never looked back. I absolutely love helping clients find the right house for their lifestyle.

What’s your secret for success?

I find myself helping young clients who are first time home buyers and really thinking, “Would I want one of my kids living here?” People ask me what is my area of expertise, but the truth is I will sell and help a client look in any area. I have sold from Westchester to Woodland Hills and I am proud that my clients feel as though they’re my only clients and their experience is unique to them and their dreams. Buying a new home is a huge commitment and I tell my clients you have to LOVE it or move on. I feel lucky that I was able to take my past sales experience and combine that with my passion for real estate. I know that this is why my business continues to grow and flourish.

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