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Partners Trust’s Openhouse Sells Entire Store in One Night

On Saturday, June 29, Mitra Shahi of La Maison Interior Design—Openhouse’s current curator—held a vibrant and fruitful in-store event to introduce her offerings to the local community, Partners Trust associates, clients and friends. The evening was so successful, in fact, that Mitra’s tasteful exhibit of interior designs completely sold out.

This incredible feat is both a testament to Mitra’s stunning curation and Openhouse’s ever-evolving prosperity, specifically on the heels of earning Partners Trust a 2017 Inman Innovator Award. Openhouse continues to gain renown for both its inventive concept and the repertoire of creative and talented designers that the store has hosted.

La Maison Openhouse-2

Mitra Shahi’s Openhouse mixer featured La Maison Interior Design’s collection of beach-themed and affordably elegant furnishings, all of which swiftly grabbed one guest’s attention who, subsequently, purchased every item. “I loved the collection because my client has a home on the Venice Canals,” said real estate broker Niesja Sharp. “The design was beach inspired and fit the home perfectly.”

La Maison Openhouse-19

Mitra’s curation seeks to create interiors that integrate tradition, personality, and quality through an array of hand-selected pieces and furnishings that embody the essence of what makes a home a home. Following such a successful evening, Mitra was quick on her feet to replace the inventory and introduce a new collection. “Our next design theme is less is more, featuring comfortable, earthy tones, and—again—is very affordable,” she says. The showroom was promptly re-furnished with another thoughtfully-designed collection.

La Maison Interior Design’s curated collection will be available through Friday August 11 before the space turns over to the next Openhouse curator.

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