Partners Trust Manager Spotlight: Quality over Quantity with Scott Brown

Adversity comes in many shapes and sizes. For Scott Brown, Founding Partner of Partners Trust Pasadena and La Cañada Flintridge, it came at the ripe age of fourteen when he decided to emancipate himself from his parents, a choice that set him on the path of self-discovery and self-reliance while his peers were still pining for their weekly allowances. Interestingly enough, Scott does not equate that decision or the experiences that followed with being a survivor—he knew no different; this was just normal life.

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Scott’s independence did, however, mold his character tremendously, turning him into the kind of person who earns what they have and treats it with respect. Ranked among the top producing real estate agents in Pasadena, Scott has embraced a “Quality over Quantity” sentiment that surfaces into every facet of his life.

The opportunity to join forces with Partners Trust came knocking on Scott’s door in 2009, a period in which he had already been selling properties for nearly a quarter of a century, closing 60 homes a year. “Why jump out of a perfectly good plane?” he remembers thinking to himself, but he was intrigued nonetheless, meeting with Founders Nick Segal and F. Ron Smith in their Beverly Hills Office. The encounter marked the beginning of true collaboration and a synergistic business model, one that favored integrity over names on a roster. “We are not looking to be the biggest real estate company in town as far as the number of agents,” explains Scott, “We prefer good over numbers. Granted, our numbers also happen to be among the best in terms of production.”

This sentiment also relates to how Scott “recruits” talent to the two offices that he manages. “I am not a person who is looking for an agent with big entitlement on their shoulders,” he shares. “Quality is the person who takes the time to learn their craft and carry every deal with professionalism and respect.”

Perhaps Scott learned the importance of practice and attention to detail during his ice hockey days at Brockport State University. Looking back on himself and his teammates, Scott remembers going over the specifics of the game day after day in order to create one whole, cohesive machine. At Partners Trust, the goal is wonderfully familiar. “I enjoy embracing the fine details of the people who make up my team of associates and the practice it takes to perfect our craft—contacts, negotiations, and dealing with clients,” Scott says of his day-to-day encounters.

Whether he’s mentoring an associate or skating on ice (he still plays hockey twice a week), Scott strives to honor not only himself—and his health by extension—but the people he comes into contact with. He achieves this by respecting other people’s time and the nature of their personalities for, in his eyes, everybody deserves that kind of consideration.

As a team leader, Scott professes that what really excites him is to see someone succeed, for that means that he was able to steer them towards the deeper part of who they are. “Their success is my happiness!” Scott says.  

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