Partners Trust Manager Spotlight: The Good Life With Scott Carmody

Life is business and business is life according to Partners Trust Manager and all-around adventure-seeker Scott Carmody. While most people get preoccupied with striving to strike that perfect (and elusive) balance between work and their personal lives, Scott offers a different perspective. “It’s just a blended life, no this versus that. Integrate the two and don’t be resentful when one intrudes on the other,” he proposes.

This approach seems to be working, for under his leadership, Partners Trust ended 2016 as the #1 producing independent brokerage in Santa Monica and, that same year, all three offices that Scott manages—Brentwood, Santa Monica, and Ocean Park—increased in sales volume year over year.

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Impressive stats aside, Scott’s wholehearted approach to life and its many contexts—conversing with fellow associates, spending time with family, discovering the great outdoors—is clear to anyone who has crossed his path. As a full-time manager, Scott begins and ends each day enthusiastically guiding a whole new generation of agents, drawing from his own personal experience selling homes for over two decades. His humbled and relaxed demeanor is derived from the unpredictability of everything that he encounters, admitting that “I don’t care for hectic, frantic energy.”

In addition to off-roading and competition shooting, Scott loves to go backpacking—especially in the off season when there are fewer people on the mountains. If it’s snowing? “Perfect,” he replies, “What’s better than the solitude of an alpine lake and some fishing?” Clearly, Scott’s appetite for nature and adventure is unwavering, and he and his daughter take annual road trips in which they always stumble upon the most interesting of places. “Many people who travel the world have never driven more than a couple hundred miles from home, so I make it a priority to get her out there whenever possible.”

Surrounded by the people that he mentors, Scott finds motivation in simply working with great people who offer integrity and dependability. When considering a potential associate, Scott looks for someone who not only shares the same passion for real estate but who also has the ability to listen and learn because the business is all about growing. “I like to ask them, ‘what does loyalty look like to you?’, as their answers tell me a lot about who they are and their work ethic,” Scott reveals. “Is there anything more important in the world of success? I don’t think so.”

When reflecting on Scott’s myriad of pursuits, both personally and professionally, there exists an internal acceptance to embrace unexpected change and be as flexible as possible. Much like the weather on a backpacking trip or a highly-anticipated property coming to market, life is simply unpredictable, and trying to control the outcome is a fruitless act compared to teaching oneself to handle a situation calmly and with a clear head. “Expectation is the mother of disappointment,” as Scott likes to say, further underscoring this truth—essential to leading a good life and achieving ultimate well-being.

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