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Partners Trust Charitable Giving Fund Adds 6 Charitable Partners

On the heels of a spirited and successful Black & White Charity Night, the Partners Trust Charitable Giving Fund has proudly announced six additional charitable partners for the second half of 2017, each with its own distinguished focus and commendable outreach in the Los Angeles community.

In 2016 the Charitable Giving Fund had its largest impact yet, raising $100,000 for six recipients and in the first half of 2017 contributed to six partners including Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, Pasadena Educational Foundation, Children’s Burn Foundation, National Breast Cancer Coalition, Cancer Support Community and Ronald McDonald House Los Angeles.

Now, for June through December 2017, the Charitable Giving Fund has committed to six new partners and, with 100 percent participation from Partners Trust associates, will raise funds and serve the needs of these acclaimed organizations:

Charlotte and Gwenyth Gray Foundation to Cure Batten Disease

The Charlotte and Gwenyth Gray Foundation was founded in 2015, to fund research for a cure and support patient rehabilitation therapies for those affected by Batten Disease. Founded by parents of Charlotte and Gwenyth, who suffer from the rare genetic, neurodegenerative disorder, the foundation seeks to find a cure for the disease through funding for gene, cellular, and molecular therapy programs by world-leading researchers.


Pasadena Youth Symphony Orchestra

The Pasadena Youth Symphony Orchestra is committed to benefitting the southern California community by fostering community engagement and providing training and support to talented young musicians. Composed of high school students from over 30 different schools of Los Angeles County, the program is tuition-based, with financial assistance for those in need of it, and provides curriculum and learning as an extension of in-school music programs for rising young musicians.

San Gabriel Valley Habitat for Humanity

The San Gabriel Valley Habitat for Humanity is devoted to ensuring everyone has a decent place to live, by engaging the volunteers in the community to build better neighborhoods and provide affordable housing for all. The foundation is supported by donations and the efforts of volunteer members, and seeks to pursue the mission of Habitat for Humanity International, in eliminating homelessness and poverty in underdeveloped and low-income areas.


Beauty Bus Foundation

The Beauty Bus Foundation is a Los-Angeles-based, non-profit organization that follows the motto “look good, feel good,” by seeking to bring hope, happiness, and confidence to chronically and terminally ill patients. The organization offers free, at-home beauty services, as well as pop-up salons in the community centers and hospitals. The Beauty Bus has helped over 10,000 suffering patients, unable to go to a salon, look and feel beautiful since its founding in 2005. Partners Trust is currently hosting a Beauty Bus drive, collecting beauty products in all seven of its Los Angeles offices.

Gumball Foundation

The Gumball Foundation is dedicated to engaging middle and high school students by providing them with the opportunity to learn business and entrepreneurial skills through an extracurricular, hands-on business program. Each year the Foundation grants scholarships to students attend four-year institutions, to further these skills and pursue future careers in business.



APCH, ‘A Place Called Home,’ is a non-profit youth center that seeks to foster a sense of home for 8-21-year-old children and teens by creating an environment of love, support, and opportunity. Through after-school, weekend, and summer programs, volunteers help youth to discover their interests, skills, and talents through a variety of educational, leadership, and mentorship programs from SAT tutoring to dance and arts.

As a not-for-profit organization formed by Partners Trust, the Charitable Giving Fund supports LA’s disenfranchised communities through charitable partners and their initiatives for improved health, education and housing. To learn more click here.

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