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M.A.M.A to Host Montana Avenue Art Walk July 20

Edgar Degas said, “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see,” and if your interest is in seeing new perspectives and new works, then strolling through the Montana Avenue Art Walk is among the best ways to spend a summer evening.


Hosted by M.A.M.A, (Montana Avenue Merchants Association) on July 20 from 5-9pm, the Montana Avenue Art Walk event is an annual celebration that brings together the already tight-knit community through a fun-filled and thoughtful event, complete with offerings from local restaurants, boutiques and storefronts.

The Partners Trust Santa Monica office, located at 1333 Montana, is participating in the festivities with a generous wine and cheese spread among selected works from three featured talented artists—Laura DiPietro, Kevin Glazer and Jeannine Chanin Penn.

While art is subjective, the good time to be had at the Montana Avenue Art Walk is not. Past events have shown to be a thrilling and visually exciting experience for the entire neighborhood as it highlights all that the charming stretch has to offer and more. Along the way, boutiques and stores will host special events and promotions in tandem with Art Walk, making the event ideal for families, friends and solo art enthusiasts alike.

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