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Interior Designer Amy Peltier Shares Her Approach To Style Discovery

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Amy Peltier is the lead interior designer at, and owner of, Peltier Interiors, her namesake design firm whose retail studio is located on Mission Street in South Pasadena. It would be accurate to say that Amy’s passion for design started in her childhood bedroom when, at the age of 10, her mom hired a professional to transform her personal sanctuary. The designer used Thybony wallpaper and Peacock Alley bedding which, ironically, are two lines that Amy works with today. Since starting her own company, Amy has been dedicated to creating spaces that feel like home, not just pretty rooms. In this interview, Amy pulls back the curtain on how one’s lifestyle contributes to the design process, what leaves her the most inspired, and with which spaces clients tend to take the most risk.


PT: How does mid-western charm fuse with carefree California?

AP: My designs have a simple and carefree approach to them with a traditional undertone. I think the California edge shows up in the clean lines, which can sometimes verge on modern and are always relaxed and casual. There is a small dose of beachiness in the color palettes that I work with as well, yet I always add in a traditional element and sense of warmth to each space. That, along with the fact that I am a mom of two kids, drives me to create family-friendly spaces that not only look great but that can take some abuse and really pays homage to my midwest upbringing.

PT: How would you describe Peltier Interiors’ audience/clientele?

AP: Though we have a wide range of clients with different lifestyles, tastes, and even a broad age range, we really connect well with  families who are interested in a livable home without sacrificing style.

PT: What is a common concern that clients come to you for help to solve?

AP: Most of our clients lead busy lives and are really looking for someone who can help them pull the vision together from start to finish—that includes all the planning, ordering, and execution.

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PT: What does a client’s lifestyle and personality have to do with the development of their design concept?

AP: EVERYTHING! One’s lifestyle is a huge indicator of how much seating we include in a space, how durable or formal the space is, and even influences the function of a room or home. As for personality, this drives the direction of style for a home just as much as it drives your wardrobe on a daily basis. Everybody has a style and vision and we spend a lot of time up-front discovering our client’s unique style so that we can bring it to life.

PT: What is your involvement during the home-selling process?

AP: Staging was a big part of how I got my business started in California. I personally love how you have to juggle creativity with a tight timeline and a small budget.  I also think that the process of staging is especially vital for getting top dollar on a home. Most of our clients have a hard time envisioning things, which means most homebuyers do as well. Showing the buyer the potential of each home or space goes a long way in creating that emotional attachment that a homebuyer needs to fall in love and make an offer.

PT: Your firm offers customizable artwork. How do you curate your artists?

AP: We have so many sources of art, from local individuals who are extremely connected in the artistic community and can search for the perfect piece, to more national manufacturers who create pieces in different sizes with customizable frames. Art placement and selection is the most personal part of the design process and really takes full involvement of the client to get it right. We are also always on the hunt for unique but attainable artwork.

PT: Colors and or/patterns that always make you smile?

AP: I can never get enough blue in my life and I also have a serious addiction to florals.

PT: How does the community of South Pasadena fuel your life’s passion?

AP: I had no idea how supportive the residents of South Pasadena were until we opened up shop on Mission Street. I have a successful business today because of the residents of “South Pass” and their support of local businesses. The residents care so much about what their city currently is and where it’s going in the future.

PT: What kinds of spaces/particular rooms inspire you the most?

AP: I am laughing out loud because this is the most difficult question so far!  I really love every room and the space itself is what can inspire an entire design concept, but if I had to pick just one, it’s probably the powder room. Although small, you can pack in big design elements into a powder room. Plus, clients take the most design chances in this space.

PT: Recent restaurant/hotel/shop you visited that left you feeling inspired?

AP: I love the layered design elements in the Tap Room at the Langham Hotel. The art is cool, the colors meld perfectly, and the atmosphere is just right. It’s also a ‘look’ my mind would have never created but I am still so inspired by the space and can’t help but to analyze every detail when I am here.

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