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How to Make Daylight Saving Time Work for You


Daylight Saving is upon us this Sunday, November 5 at 2 a.m. and, like most changes, comes with pros and cons. One celebrated effect is an additional hour of sleep—something busy Angelenos could truly use. On the flip side, this means less time to take in the sunshine outdoors. As we prepare to turn our clocks back, there are a number of small routines to consider attaching to this major bi-annual practice that can make Daylight Saving truly work for you.

Re-stock Your Emergency Kit

Daylight Saving is a prime time to restock emergency kits. Take the time to check out expiration dates on food, water and medical supplies and add to your kit with new flashlights or blankets. Start with a checklist of items you need and items you’d like to add. Get into the habit of taking on this practice each time you change the clocks to ensure safety for you and other members of your family.

Organize Your Home Office

Bills, papers, objects, books. Sometimes a home office can feel like a never ending pile of paper, making it far more difficult to get your work done. Take some time to go through desk drawers, bookshelves and even your computer folders or desktop and get things nice and neat. Since the days are shorter, you’ll want to maximize your work time so you can enjoy as much of the daylight as possible.

Swap Out Batteries

Look to replace batteries in necessary battery-operated household items. Carbon monoxide detectors, wall clocks and remote controls don’t have to take you by surprise.

Vacuum & Dust

During the summer months, you’ve most likely kept your windows and doors open, which can welcome dirt and dust. Since you’ll be spending more time indoors, clean those areas that don’t usually get attention, like curtains and blinds, to ensure better air quality for you and your family.

Clean Out Your Closet

It’s the one project most of us dread doing, but the results are always fulfilling. A new and improved closet will leave you with the feeling of accomplishment, and it’s a good opportunity to pass off some of your unwanted items to folks who are without—especially those who lost everything in recent natural disasters.

Dust Your Baseboards

Much like cleaning curtains and blinds, dusting baseboards is apart of giving your home a deep clean. This is especially important if you have crawling babies or pets in your home, since they interact with these areas more than you do. Just a simple wipe down with a non-toxic cleanser or soap and water works wonders. And, instantly, your space feels cleaner.


With significant changes in our daily lives, including that which Daylight Saving brings, our environment can suddenly feel cluttered. Give one pass through your home and put things back in their rightful place. Shred old papers and mail that have piled up and get rid of items you don’t use or the things you’ve been planning to fix. With a tidier world, you may even feel like you have more time on your hands.

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