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Associate Partner Eva Fairchild Takes Her Business From LA to Baja Sur & Beyond

Continuously setting remarkable standards in luxury real estate, Associate Partner Eva Fairchild has an uncanny ability to find clients their ultimate dream home, whether that be in Los Angeles, Baja Sur or—indeed—across the globe. As an ‘international’ real estate agent for residential and commercial developments worldwide, Eva is immersed within a fascinating and glamorous realm of real estate.

Eva_FairchildYet, amidst this exciting whirlwind of international home selling, Eva still finds time to contribute to notable charity efforts and experience the simplicity of “living life at your own natural pace,” as she puts it. How she does it, we’re not sure; but, if we had to guess, it’s likely a result of the passion and personality that comes naturally to everything she does.

Prior to her involvement in real estate, Eva worked in entertainment management for Virgin Interactive. There, she adopted a reputed “think outside of the box” mentality, attracting the likes of Snoop Dogg who, thus, recruited her to work alongside him and Clippers player Matt Barnes for Athletes vs. Cancer. Once a professional tennis player, Eva flaunted an instinctive connection with athletes; so, when she ultimately decided to translate her creativity and drive into real estate, a business that would realize her adoration of social relationships and affinity to her hometown of Malibu, it was only natural that her many clients would be famed active and retired NFL and NBA athletes.

It should come as no surprise, too, that Eva one day sold her home in Topanga Canyon, got in her car and drove down to Todos Santos, Mexico. She lived along the stunning coastline of the Baja Sur Peninsula for 3 years and, there, discovered a true real estate gold mine; but, that wasn’t all she came upon: “I have such a love for animals and while living there I rescued many stray dogs from the streets of Todos Santos. So, although I ultimately came back to Malibu to pursue a career with Partners Trust, I maintained a strong emotional connection to Todos Santos.”

In fact, upon her return to Los Angeles, Eva continued to sell real estate in the Baja Sur region, seeing a massive interest amongst Angelenos to purchase secondary properties. She has garnered much acclaim for these properties via a monthly contribution to various real estate and lifestyle publications where her listings, such as Casa Sibilla, are exposed to an international audience. Additionally, by reason of an incredible connection to her own dog ‘Jack’ and those she rescued in Todos Santos, Eva has made plans to open her own animal rescue ranch in Los Angeles. Named after her own pup, ‘Jack Ranch’ is set to be a charitable foundation that will foster, rehabilitate and modify the behavioral problems of animals. Ultimately she plans to retrieve her rescues and displace them into secure living environments.

And, as though all of this isn’t enough to steal from her daily life, Eva boasts a supernatural ability to experience the beauty of Los Angeles to its fullest extent. Whether she’s seeking out L.A.’s hottest new restaurants or walking Jack along the bluffs of Pacific Palisades every single morning, Eva—above all else—has an indescribable love for life that translates into an unbeatable fusion of fortitude and optimism. If she hasn’t proved it already, absolutely nothing can stand in her way.

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