Around Westlake Village with Associate Partner Paige Mallas

Simply put, Paige Mallas is someone you want around. Her jovial spirit, her infectious smile, her professional prowess—not to mention a shoe collection to match—and her dedication to her clients make her irrefutably a beloved real estate authority. With so much to offer, you have to wonder: where does this charming authenticity come from? The answer is Westlake Village.


Having grown up in Westlake, Paige speaks affectionately to the energy of the town, highlighting its warmth and wealth of things to experience, from Sherwood Country Club to the namesake lake, the active lifestyle that pervades throughout and, of course, the people, who are predictably pleasant. Though she’s lived in places like New York City, Maui and even St. Thomas, Paige has always found herself gravitating back to her hometown. And it makes sense. An active individual with an appreciation for good food, good wine and conversation, the locale just suits her. Here, Paige shares a few things that you can’t miss when visiting the charming town of Westlake Village.

But First Coffee (and Yoga)

No one can deny that the sun shines a little brighter in Westlake Village, which makes the early morning a real treat. Coming in to enhance those wondrous feelings of daybreak is Joi Cafe. It’s the town naysayer (and happy-maker) in coffee serving up 100 percent organic coffee topped with whipped coconut milk and fresh vanilla. How do you follow that up? A hike up Palo Comado Canyon, which is tucked into the illustrious Santa Monica Mountains, or sun salutations and warrior poses at Agoura Power of Yoga.

Lunch Line Up

Call it small, but mighty—the Westlake Village lunch scene, that is. With the serenity that surrounds the area, lunch dates are a must in this town. Especially with most spots offering patio seating, which is not to be dismissed. Catch up with friends or clients or dine solo at Boccaccio’s, where you can pull up your boat upon the lake and indulge in a game-changing Lobster Bisque. If you’re out for a more lively lunch, locals are always in favor of Zin Bistro, another lakeside gem that features a fun atmosphere, a Crab Louie that’ll leave you wanting more and even live music.

Hello and Good Buy

It’s 2:30 and there’s still so much of the day left when you’re spending time in Westlake. So to fill the hours after lunch and before happy hour, you take advantage of the town’s shopping. The Westlake Plaza sits in the heart of Westlake. It’s a charming outdoor shopping space that’s lush and green with age-old trees offering shade, a great energy and top-notch boutiques, like Siany, a local favorite that’s overloaded with on-trend must-haves and the perfect last minute gift. And naturally all of that card swiping will leave you in the mood for something sweet, so make an appearance at Sweet Arleen’s  for a Strawberry Cream cupcake before you go.

The Happiest Hour

Every day is a good day in Westlake and every night is a memorable one. Kick yours off with an impeccable selection of wine and the most delicious (and beautifully-presented) cheese platter or charcuterie board at Stonehaus Winery. An idyllic location taking up residence at the Westlake Village Inn, this locale is marked by pretty gardens, grapevines and a stone facade as a backdrop. The sun sets beautifully here and there’s nothing more satisfying than grabbing a spot around the fire and toasting to the charming energy of Westlake. Peyman Afshar’s, Pearl District never disappoints either, thanks to a great group running the day-to-day happenings, lobster tempura and great cocktails, including their signature Wildwood—a basil cucumber vodka that’s utterly refreshing. The town is so intimate and connected that you’re always likely to find a few folks you know.

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