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8 Los Angeles Real Estate Videos Worth Watching Now

Every home tells a story. Upon entering a historical Pasadena architectural or an ultra-modern Malibu residence, it’s common to imagine a life lived amongst those walls, to feel captivated by its story—or, perhaps, a story to create for yourself. As such, when it comes to selling homes, it is crucial to market far more than its bedroom/bathroom count. One must tell its narrative.

Videography plays a significant role in storytelling, bringing to light the unique qualities that make each house a home. Nevertheless, Los Angeles is home to boundless architectural styles, affording every residence its own special anecdote. Thus, Partners Trust associates have tackled storytelling from various angles, resulting in an array of short films that have exceeded the expectations of common real estate videos.

748 Amalfi Drive | Pacific Palisades

This supremely modern home in the Pacific Palisades Riviera presented a filming opportunity to capture the ever-changing beauty of natural contrast. Sleek, sophisticated details throughout complement an inrush of light through walls of windows, casting a new shadow within each moment. As the sun shifts, the home takes on a wholly disparate aesthetic, evolving from sharp lines into muted medleys of light and dark come evening.

Production & Direction: Wicked+
Director of Photography: Billy Yang Films
Agent: Hugh Evans III

The Wave House | Venice

Garnering nearly 55,000 views, this video captures the malleable essence of The Wave House, a home that embodies both artistry and science. Resembling a wave, replete with fluid spaces and intricately carved surfaces, this Mario Romano original is a paragon of modern, experiential living. As such, it was crucial to give voice to the designer’s vision and shed light on his architectural ambition. Consequently, a buyer would understand and appreciate the methodology behind his art.

Production & Direction:Wicked+
Director of Photography: Billy Yang Films
Agents: Smith & Berg Team and Mark Kitching

6145 Mulholland Highway | Hollywood

There is only one way to capture the retro backbone of an original 1950s Mid-Century modern that sits beneath L.A.’s ever-iconic Hollywood sign: by creating a nostalgic pull to a bygone era. Devised by Harry T. Miller, this exemplary Los Angeles home is complete with pristine, authentic details, each emphasized through close-ups, zoom-ins and music. As a result, the viewer feels a sense of longing for an era of impeccable Tinseltown glam.

Direction/Concept: Rick Ojeda
Production & Director of Photography: Be Film Inc.
Agents: Katrina Webb, Rick Ojeda & Nick Segal

Yellow Hill Retreat | Malibu

Dramatically poised upon a prime 32-acre site bordering national parkland in Malibu, the Yellow Hill Retreat is accessed via a long, winding driveway that simply lent itself to breathtaking videography. The viewer is instantly intrigued by the casual elegance of returning home to such a grand, secluded space. And, to give the striking contemporary a sense of scale amongst the hillside, the video captures a multitude of vantage points throughout the entirety of one day. As the light changes, the home’s modern features take on an entirely new meaning.

Production & Direction: Wicked+
Director of Photography: Be Film Inc.
Agents: Katie Bentzen, Mimi McCormick and Sarah Kosasky

The Johnny Depp Penthouse | DTLA

This life-in-a-day narrative depicts an idyllic lifestyle amongst the most architecturally significant residential high-rise in Downtown L.A.’s historic core district. From Johnny Depp’s unprecedented Penthouse Collection, this two-story residence is defined by sleek, art deco details that create a setting both uniquely provocative and indulgent. The video commands the penthouse’s refined edge via music, distant exterior shots and an evolving storyline.

Production & Direction:Wicked+
Director of Photography: Be Film Inc.
Agents: Nick Segal and Kevin Dees

11768 Ellice Street | Malibu

Perched on a private bluff in Malibu’s exclusive Marisol community, this incomparable Spanish estate defines a life lived amongst pure luxury and nature. The objective of the short film was to animate the inanimate; to create a fantasy that a potential buyer could personally interpret and imagine. From sun up to sundown, the video chronicles an incredibly luxurious lifestyle amidst the natural splendor of Malibu; an utterly lavish home where one needn’t give up a desire for coastal comfort.

Production & Director of Photography: Interior Pixels
Agents: Stephen Udoff, Katie Bentzen and The Malibu Life Team

16780 Oak View Drive | Encino

When it comes to thinking outside the box, this video does precisely that. Set upon an impressive 10,100-square-foot estate in Encino, this stunning Spanish architectural calls forth an image of the American Dream, visually realized through the dancing, twirling and catchy melodies of “La La Land.” As the couple waltzes in and out of each room, the camera effortlessly captures the home’s palatial details and grand expanse. The end product is a jaw-dropping mini-movie that grabbed the attention of several news publications, including LA Times and The Real Deal.

Agents: Mark Rutstein and Horacio LeDon

868 Leonard Road | Brentwood

In order encapsulate the flawless design of this California Modern, we left it to architect Marmol Radziner . Sited on an idyllic Brentwood cul-de-sac, this contemporary retreat blends effortlessly into the hillside topography by way of native materials amongst a thoughtfully-conceived floor plan. In this documentary-style video, Marmol Radziner carries one through the home’s various indoor and outdoor living spaces, describing his artistic intent and allowing the viewer to truly feel a sense of architectural fluidity.

Production & Direction: Wicked+
Director of Photography: Billy Yang Films
Agents: Smith & Berg Team

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