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Jane Dorian

Associate Partner

CalBRE# 01320230

Jane Dorian Realtor

My interests are boundless: cooking, wine collecting, fine art, travel, theater, dance, yoga, organic gardening, architecture, antiques, entertaining, golf, reading and philanthropy. My passion for luxury and the finer things in life spurs me to track down the best of the best. These pursuits have not only given me enormous pleasure, but they have also exposed me to extraordinary resources that I have been able to share with my wonderful clients.  The highest expression of these interests is expressed through entertaining: My home and gardens are my stage! Is it any surprise that real estate is my profession?

As a sixth generation New Yorker I thought the sun rose and set on the Island of Manhattan. As a Columbia University graduate, Broadway dancer, singer, actress, Town & Country executive, I never imagined myself moving west until I had the opportunity to experience the magic of LA; first living in Dallas and then ultimately calling Los Angeles home. The lifestyles of New York and Los Angeles could not be more different, but I feel so fortunate to speak both cultural languages.  As the Head of Promotions at Town & Country magazine, I over saw “The White Paper” which revealed the spending habits of the super wealthy. No matter the idiosyncrasies or geography, the wealthy have always had a love affair with real estate.

Representing a client on a real estate transaction is a very intimate process. I learn so much about my clients and view representing and advocating for them as a privilege. My clients can count on me having their back, and quickly learn that nuanced negotiating, strategizing, creative solutions, and ambassadorships are among my top talents.

Sometimes buying or selling a house can feel like an unnatural act!  With the emotional rollercoaster associated with negotiations, the mounds of paperwork, disclosures, financing, decorating, moving etc. keeping one’s equilibrium can be a challenge. That’s where my Broadway Dance training is invaluable. I know what it takes emotionally to stand on the line. I know how to break down the real estate process one step at a time and respect the emotional component associated with buying or selling a home.  A home is so much more than a house; it’s a place where memories are made.  First you make your home and then your home makes you. With all of the moving parts in a real estate transaction, I take the time to educate my clients and make sure they feel comfortable and in control every step of the way. With focused preparation, disciplined follow through, and TLC, my clients can rest assured that I will compassionately get them to the finish line.

Taking the time to learn what is important to my clients allows me to use the lens of their desires to optimize their experience.  Whether watching my clients take center stage in their new home, or give them the opportunity to sell their home and realize another dream, inspires me to provide unparalleled service.

Having established Ballroom Madness, a charity that taught underserved children ballroom dance, I have become acutely mindful of the tremendous value of partnership skills.  Shall we dance?

I was fortunate enough to Jane Dorian as my agent this summer. Now that the dust has settled, I feel compelled to write to you this evening to let you know what a fantastic agent you have in Jane. From the very beginning of our home buying experience, I never felt rushed or compelled to “pull the trigger” on a home. Jane ALWAYS kept me calm, cool and collected. When we did find our home, it was Jane who urged us to be sure that the home was right one for us. Once we were sure, her negotiating skills were spot on. Then came the escrow. It was a nightmare. Our lender went passed the 30 days and it was Jane who stoically kept the seller calm. She wrote e-mail after e-mail assuring the seller that the lender would come through. On the 45th day, the lender finally came through and after fifteen stressful days, the home was ours! If we had used any other agent, we would have lost the home. I have no doubt about it. Jane saved the day over and over again. When we have outgrown this home, the only agent I will use in the future is Jane.

— Kaj Golderberg, Reporter and Weatherman, KTLA

Oct 9, 2015

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