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Sunset To Sundance: Associate Jaisa Bishop Nurtures L.A.’s Love Affair With Utah


If Los Angeles and Utah were the stars of a romantic comedy, we’d be far past watching the details of their ‘meet cute’ and into their ‘happily ever after.’ Over the years, the population of Angelenos who have moved to Utah and vice versa has increased significantly as more and more people are discovering the two states’ similarities in lifestyle and natural, abounding beauty. Partners Trust’s own Jaisa Bishop, who is not only from both Utah and Southern California but a licensed realtor in both states, is in the perfect position to assist individuals in discovering real estate and their desired lifestyle in either locale.

In this enlightening interview, Jaisa gets to the heart of why Utah and Los Angeles make the perfect real estate pairing, how the “new locals” are spending their time and money, and the impact that the creative industry continues to have on the region.

PT: How often do you travel between Los Angeles and Utah?

JB: I try to split my time time equally between the two states yet this fluctuates depending on where my clients need me. I have a home in both places which makes traveling back and forth very convenient.

PT: Where do you think the mutual attraction between Utah/Park City/Sundance and L.A. stems from?

JB: I believe the cross-market between L.A. and Utah/Park City/Sundance stems from a yearning for peace and tranquility, an escape from the hectic pace of the city. This part of Utah is a perfect destination for Angelenos because it’s simple yet sophisticated. Aside from the peacefulness and relaxation, there is a ton to do—everything from skiing to horseback riding, mountain biking, fine dining, a burgeoning art scene and, of course, some of the most friendly people you’ll ever meet. I also believe that Utah is one of the easiest traveling destinations from LA. The flight is short (1.5 hours) and there are several flights daily from both LAX and Burbank. With the growth of the Sundance Film Festival over the years, more and more people are discovering this part of the country.

PT: How do the people you have represented who own homes in both cities split their time?

JB: I would estimate that it’s about half and half depending on each individual’s circumstance. There are amazing places like Victory Ranch and Sundance which offer programs specifically designed to help owners rent their properties when not in use. Other people simply want to own a second family home and keep it as their retreat residence year-round.

PT: How does your role serving the entertainment industry in L.A., brushing shoulders with major film and music writers and producers, open your eyes to Park City?

JB: A lot of the industry professionals who I associate with in Los Angeles need a release valve and a way to recharge their creativity. Park City/Sundance is the perfect place for that. Because of my large network of contacts and my extensive knowledge of both locations it’s easier for me to connect buyers and sellers to exactly what they want.


PT: What kind of lifestyle and amenities do people in this industry gravitate towards? How does Park City/Sundance and L.A. deliver on those qualities?

JB: Park City and Sundance offer a wide range of world-class outdoor sports; everything from skiing and snowboarding, and spas during the winter season to scenic hiking, mountain biking, fly fishing, horseback riding and outdoor yoga in the summer months. Companies like Rocky Mountain Outfitters make it easy to do it all season-to-season. There are also many great restaurants, art galleries, antique stores and social establishments to choose from. In addition, there is a plethora of family activities, including a ride on the old Heber Valley Railroad, the Swiss Days Festival in Miday (just outside of Park City), Ice Castles and sleigh rides, to name just a few.

PT: How has the Sundance Film Festival—which takes place in Park City, Salt Lake City, and Sundance—impacted those communities and the demand to live there?

JB: Events like the Sundance Film Festival help shine an international spotlight on Utah, attracting top-tier industry talent and attention every winter. It has in essence opened the gates between Los Angeles and Utah, bringing $465 million in economic impact. The demand for housing in Park CIty and Sundance has risen steadily each year as have the prices.

PT: What is the unique draw of Sundance Ski Resorts year-round?

JB: The amazing thing about Sundance is its incredible natural beauty. Of course during the winter there is great skiing and snow sports, but when the seasons change and the snow melts, another world opens up. There are plays, farmers markets and free concerts on the lawn, the Sundance Institute for aspiring filmmakers, an Author’s Book series, and fun nights at the Owl Bar. You can even take the chair lift to the summit and mountain bike down or enjoy a light lunch at 8,250 feet while being treated to a 360-degree panoramic view of unspoiled nature.

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