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New Associate Margaret Bradley On Exploring Careers Across State Lines and Lifetimes

From growing up as the youngest of seven to raising four boys of her own, new Associate Partner Margaret Bradley can attest to the feeling of living multiple different lifetimes. An educator and a fashionista before becoming a Los Angeles real estate agent, Margaret’s openness to embrace new experiences goes beyond just zip codes—but above all, she is a person who can genuinely connect with individuals from various backgrounds and walks of life. We wanted to catch up with Margaret to hear more about her many lives, why she is so skilled at speaking in front of a crowd, and her outlook for 2017.


You’ve lived in quite a few cities throughout the years, haven’t you?

I sure have. Between being born in North Carolina and becoming a resident of Pacific Palisades 14 years ago, I’ve lived (and studied) in New York City, Indiana, Pittsburgh, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, and Rome.

During your sophomore year of college in Indiana, you studied abroad in Italy. What comes to mind when you reflect on that experience?

Rome. Even though the city receives mixed reviews—with many gravitating towards smaller, quainter towns in Tuscany—I came to really appreciate and love Rome. I like how everything there is so ancient and rooted in history. You turn the corner and see the Pantheon, or a magnificent church, or an architectural monument that leaves you breathless.  Not to mention the pizza, pasta and gelato…

If you could return for a scoop (or four) of gelato…

That’s easy: Nocciola (hazelnut) and Fior di latte (flower of milk).

Where did life take you post-graduation?

I worked for an Italian clothing brand (United Colors of Benetton) for five years in Washington D.C., after which I headed to Philadelphia with my husband at the time. It was there that I taught junior high school in addition to becoming the speech and debate coach. I actually come from a family of educators.

Learning to speak in front of a crowd…that’s a favorable skill to have in any professional arena. Can you share some pointers?

Take a deep breath and don’t speak quickly. Think of three things you want to say and focus on those 3 things.

Where did you migrate to next?

New York City, to earn my Masters of Education degree from NYU. I then returned to Philadelphia to teach literature and be the speech and debate coach at an all-girls Catholic school.

What did you observe from the students in your class?

It was so interesting to see the all-girl dynamic as opposed to a co-ed environment. My students were empowered in the classroom and not afraid to speak up. They also helped me keep up with current events (wink wink).

What defined the next stage of your life?

We started to grow our family, which meant that becoming a mom became my full-time job.

I imagine you still found ways to stay busy.

During my child-rearing years, I continued to coach speech and debate, but when I moved to Los Angeles, I got actively involved with my sons’ schools. Some of these roles included serving on the PSA board at Corpus Christi School where I chaired their annual auction and helped them raise 200k. I also became involved in athletics by coaching the Varsity Girl’s Basketball Team for two years (we made it to playoffs both years!), becoming President of Santa Monica United Soccer Club for four years, and starting a non-profit AAU basketball program for inner-city athletes. Additionally, I chaired the wine auction for Notre Dame High School for two years and served on the board of the Facing Forward Foundation.

What advice do you try to pass on to your four sons?

To always be kind. Be thoughtful of others. Keep your wits about ya.

How do you personally prepare for the beginning of a new year?

On the day after Christmas, I sit down and think about what I want for the coming year and what I need to do to reach those aspirations. This aligns perfectly with my propensity to organize and make a game plan—plus I love making lists.

What’s on the horizon for 2017?

I want to keep busy and grow my business.

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