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Partner Lisa Kirshner on the Art of Listening and Putting People First

Some believe that real estate is about houses. But those in the know, like Lisa Kirshner, one of the original partners at Partners Trust, understand that real estate is all about people. With more than 25 years of experience and being a nationally ranked Realtor, Lisa credits her success to her expertise in relationship building, earning one’s trust and ultimately being a great listener. She also has tremendous pride in knowing the value and importance of keeping in touch with her clients — well after the sale.

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We had the opportunity to talk with Lisa, between deals and keeping in touch with her A-list roster, and learned first-hand that her knowledge of the Westside makes her a true authority on the area. Below, the super star partner tells us the best spots on the Westside for eating, hiking and home goods shopping and shares what’s important to her outside of work.


As a California native raised on the Westside and having lived in Brentwood, Palisades, and Santa Monica what are your tried-and-true spots?

The Westside is filled with great options, but picking my favorites is fairly simple. For restaurants, I’m partial to Cafe Delfini, The Brentwood and Peppones — all very good. When it comes to shopping, I love looking for unique home goods, so I often find myself visiting Grace Home, Cisco Home and Haven. Another great thing about the Westside is the number of hiking and recreation options . Nothing beats a day hiking in Temescal Canyon or Palisades Park above PCH, and there’s always biking on the strand along the beach.  


What is your favorite Westside micro-neighborhood?

I don’t have a favorite — I love all of LA!


As a leading real estate agent in Los Angeles, with 25 years of experience and being one of the original partners at Partners Trust, what’s your secret to your continued growth — with the ebbs and flows of the industry throughout each year?

I find it’s very important to stay in contact with my clients and consistently provide them with valuable information.


How did being a marketing executive for an international company in a previous career prepare you for your transition into real estate?

It helped in the art of negotiation — learning to be a great listener, and patience.


You’re known for your ability to find the RIGHT home for your clients. How do you know when it’s a good fit?

It’s very important to ask questions and listen to what a client is looking for and apply that value to the search for the “right property” for them.


You’ve mentioned that buying a home is the single biggest investment most people will make. How do you see your role in that investment?

I view myself as a  trusted advisor to my clients, allowing them to comfortably and confidently make an investment that will serve them, potentially for the rest of their lives. I take my role  seriously due to the impact it’s sure to have on my clients’ lives.


You appear to do deals from the Westside to the Eastside and from under one million to beyond $10 million — can you reveal a bit behind your approach to the wide variety of clients and deals you work on?

Being a native Californian and knowing LA so well helps me direct my clients to purchase in an area that best meets their needs in terms of price, schools, proximity to work and what is important to them.


Beyond real estate, where do you spend most of your time and energy?

Family and charity. Giving back is very important to me.


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