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PT Charitable Giving Fund Hosts In-Office Drives to Benefit Beauty Bus Foundation

The Partners Trust Charitable Giving Fund continues to surpass all that is expected of its philanthropic commitment by virtue of a highly dedicated team of associates. After raising a notable $100,000 for their six beneficiaries in 2016, the Charitable Giving Fund introduced three additional charities for the first half of 2017. With that same drive, each and every associate continues to push their impact well beyond the funds raised.

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Partner, Estates Director and Charitable Giving Fund board member Dana Cataldi, with the help of Associate Partner Kate McQueen, has teamed up with the Beauty Bus Foundation to host a drive in each Partners Trust office. An effort to raise awareness and realize the praiseworthy organization’s needs, this drive will both raise money and compile donated products to provide grooming services and pampering products to chronically and terminally ill men, women, children and their caregivers throughout Los Angeles.

Through the healing and pampering touch of Beauty Professionals and Beauty Buddy volunteers, those who are coping with an illness are able to experience an exceedingly well-deserved spa-like respite. Nevertheless, these services cannot be accomplished without the essential donations of Partners Trust Associates. All proceeds are directed to the Beauty Bus Foundation’s in-home beauty and grooming services, pop-up salons and complimentary “Bags of Beauty” for patients and caregivers who deserve to feel and look beautiful.

For more information on the Beauty Bus Foundation, please reference the organization’s recent and laudable press:

Contact Partners Trust Estates Director, Partner and Charitable Giving Fund board member Dana Cataldi or Associate Partner Kate McQueen for more information or to discover other ways of getting involved.

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