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PT CEO Nick Segal Inspires Crowd at Sum & Substance Los Angeles

On March 9, Partners Trust CEO Nick Segal shared the stage with five other distinguished professionals at the Sum and Substance event hosted by the Conscious Capitalism Chapter of Los Angeles, an indispensable resource to leaders and professionals seeking to advance the common good through the vehicle of business. Each power-elite emphasized the significance of trusting intuition, finding one’s authentic self through looking at the “sparks” in life, and discovering — and following through with — one’s passion. The evening was one of eloquent storytelling and momentous inspiration, forming an undeniable camaraderie among the six speakers and 120 guests.

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Having founded one of the most famed brokerage firms in all of Los Angeles, Segal told his inspiring story of finding purpose at work, asserting the importance of staying true to one’s mission of people, and experiences over profits. This grounded mentality has led Segal to long-term profitability and sustainability; at the end of the day, one-on-one interaction and connection amounts to a far more principled success.

Sum and Substance is a national storytelling event series that spotlights the paths of an array of business professionals who have fulfilled their aspirations in the workplace. These journeys, however, are not always seamless. It is through drive, passion, and optimism to actualize one’s purpose. Nick Segal’s path to establish Partners Trust was, undoubtedly, one of the most meaningful and enlivening stories of the evening.

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Maureen McComsey, Executive Director of Conscious Capitalism in Los Angeles, reiterated the energy and vibrancy of the night: “At this event, you could see in the eyes of several in the crowd how they were connecting with the stories. Many were seeing the sparks in their own lives…finding their purpose in their journey and that’s exciting to me.”

The Sum and Substance event was a memorable evening of influential narratives and palpable excitement amongst the guests. Nick Segal incentivized each and every guest to locate their ambition to do what they love and find the reward in doing so.

Photos courtesy of Tiffany Kyees.


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