PT Associate Shaya Braverman Helps Real Housewives Star Lisa Vanderpump into New Dog Rescue Center

Partners Trust is revered as one of the most accommodating and trustworthy real estate agencies in Los Angeles. As such, many of Hollywood’s greatest icons and celebrities turn to its associates when seeking the most exclusive, reputable properties. Just recently, associate Shaya Braverman administered a deal with Ken Todd and Lisa Vanderpump, providing the famed Beverly Hills couple with a location for their new dog rescue and adoption center, Vanderpump Dogs. The entire transaction can be seen on episode 13 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, which aired on February 28, 2017.

VanderpumpdogsPhoto: courtesy of Yahoo

Ken Todd and Lisa Vanderpump’s objective for Vanderpump Dogs is to establish an organization that makes a positive impact on global legislation, education, and treatment of animals. In July of 2016, TMZ posted an article revealing that the celebrity duo purchased a location in West Hollywood for the rescue center and was planning on breaking ground in the ensuing months.

That’s when Shaya Braverman stepped in. Once involved in property management, he supervised the landlord of a location for one of Todd and Lisa’s restaurants. While browsing TMZ in July, the associate circumstantially came upon the article divulging the couple’s construction plans. He felt the overwhelming urge to intercept the deal; he was certain he could provide a better location.

Thus, Braverman got on the phone with Ken Todd, who explained that it was too late; he and Lisa were signing the lease the next day. The associate requested that they give him one day to showcase what he had up his sleeve. On that one day, the Partners Trust associate found Ken and Lisa the ideal location that they’d been looking for. The couple stopped negotiations on their previous lease and signed with him instead.

On “Cake Therapy,” episode 13 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Braverman flaunts the multi-room, 2-story West Hollywood location that Ken and Lisa ultimately sign the lease for; right then and there. This coveted, televised feature underscores the trust that Los Angeles buyers invest in Partners Trust brokers. The company is fixed in the belief that every client deserves discreet and personalized real estate service, and Braverman’s appearance on the Bravo series captures this unwavering bond.

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