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Press Rolls in for The Wave House, Listed with Partners Trust’s Smith & Berg Team and Mark Kitching

The Wave House in Venice is a modern marvel, an architectural masterpiece that’s holding true to its namesake and making waves in the real estate world and beyond.


Press and praise roll in as the home, represented by Founding Partner F. Ron Smith and Associate Partners Mark Kitching and David Berg, continues to be the talk of the town. Take a tour of this spectacular property from artist/designer/home builder Mario Romano and have a look at what people are saying:

“This home is anything but ordinary!”


“It’s rare that a home truly blurs the line between form and function, but this Venice, California, residence is certainly a work of art.”

Architectural Digest

“With a design that is reminiscent more of a contemporary art museum than your typical private home, The Wave House is an ode to both art and nature.”


“A luxuriously practical family house where design details and rooms flow into one another.”

California Home Design

“A harmonic ambience with its 40-foot undulating lines on its exterior grabbing your attention instantaneously.”

Hype Beast

It is built from several hundred pieces of white aluminum, all attached to a metal substructure that gives the illusion of the tiles literally waving together in liquid form.”


For more information about The Wave House at 1234 Morningside Way, please contact Founding Partner F. Ron Smith, Associate Partners Mark Kitching and David Berg.

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