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Photo Exhibit At The Arclight Hollywood Showcases L.A.’s Sunset Beauty

Los Angeles-based photographer Connie Conway unveils her latest work on February 16th celebrating the beauty of our city.

The exhibition will be open to the public between 10am-10pm daily on February 16th – April 12th at The ArcLight Cinema in Hollywood in the gallery on the second floor.  L.A. After SUNSET – a series of images that capture the beauty and essence of Los Angeles’s dramatic transformation at sunset. Each image is an illumination of the oddities of the respective landscape – both physical and societal.

The exhibit shows 18 recognizable L.A. street corners, landmarks and business. The collection of beautiful images evoke a unique combination of gritty reality and ethereal make believe.

Los Angeles after SUNSETConnie says:  “The series came to light, in July 2009. I was leaving a small club in DTLA. As I stood at the corner of 2nd & Hill. There stood before me an incredible view of the Disney Concert and 2nd Street Tunnel. It was glowing, it was sunset. Two weeks later I returned with a couple friends. I made the image: 2nd & Hill, Los Angeles. The unexpected arrival of the skate boarders made a great image even better. Immediately, I learned to be patient while standing on the corner. This is Los Angeles, expect the unexpected.”

We caught up with Connie and asked her a few questions about her series:

What is it about LA that makes it such a great muse?
It’s the “City of Angels.” With a famously storied past, this city comes to life at SUNSET. There’s just so much energy in the lights and movement, it’s as if it’s trying to reveal some deep dark secrets.

What is your favorite corner in Los Angeles?
I don’t even know if it’s possible to answer that question. There’s a story to be told for each photograph.
I’ve had a love – hate relationship with every corner during the process of making of L.A. After SUNSET.

If you were meeting a photographer new to LA where would you tell them to go for inspiration?
That’s easy – Sunset Blvd. Walk Sunset Blvd. from Beverly Hills – DTLA. There are endless opportunities to make great photographs sunrise to sunset. And the people watching is really good.

Sunset refers to both the time of day and the street in many of these shots, are both interpretations meant to be inferred by the title?
Absolutely! Originally, I thought the series would be panoramic photographs of Sunset Blvd. @ SUNSET. But after I shot at 2nd & Hill in DTLA, the series took an unexpected left turn. I went with it! Apparently, the city has a bigger story to tell.

To view more of Connie’s work, visit  www.connieconway.com



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