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Partners Trust Manager Spotlight: Drawing Inspiration with Sarah Kosasky

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Inspire and allow yourself to be inspired by others. This is the ethos of Managing and Founding Partner of Partners Trust Malibu, Sarah Kosasky, a highly accomplished female entrepreneur who manages a top-producing office in a male-dominated industry. A recent panel speaker at the California Association of Realtors’ first WomanUp! event, Sarah speaks almost poetically about her approach to leadership, explaining “I dedicate myself wholeheartedly to the people I work with, the ideas I believe in, and the goals that I set.”

Overrun with drive and an entrepreneurial spirit, Sarah was inspired to head her own remarkable brokerage firm, creating Arete Estates in 2009. With the success of her business, Partners Trust acquired the firm in the summer of 2014, leading Sarah to become a founder of its Malibu office.

Since joining the team, Sarah’s accomplishments have continued to accumulate. She was named 2015 Realtor of the Year by the Malibu Realtors Association, an organization for which she previously served as President; she currently sits on the Board of Directors for the California Association of Realtors and recently spoke on a panel for their first WomanUp! Event. This summer, Sarah will also be speaking on the topic of leadership at Inman Connect 2017 and giving a keynote address at the Awesome Females in Real Estate conference.

Renowned for fostering an office environment that promotes collaboration and effectiveness through teamwork and education, Sarah works to make sure “every PT associate understands the reasons behind actions taken to move transactions forward.” That logic, to her, always comes back to community and the individual values that Partners Trust associates serve.

So, where does Sarah’s spirit emerge from? Aside from her sense of loyalty, which extends from her personal life to her business relationships, Sarah’s commitment comes from her first mentors—her mother, a wildly successful real estate veteran, and her father, among the most “astute” entrepreneurs she knows. Today, her own husband and daughter constantly inspire her in surprising ways. “My daughter helps me to remember to take a pause and take time to enjoy life,” Sarah says.

The influence of Sarah’s family has shaped the way she approaches business and has allowed her to develop a highly-valued sense of mentorship within her office. It’s no secret that Partners Trust’s Malibu team is tightly connected, spending quality time both in and outside of the office. Together, associates often frequent the beach or get involved in active pastimes including everything from adventurous skateboarding and racing to more mild ventures, such as tennis, yoga, horseback riding and even creative writing.

Sarah’s tenacity is unmatched; she is a woman committed to greatness and candidly shares that the people she brings onto her team must be as well:

“I am not impressed by number of units sold or by total sales volume alone. I care about how your clients and the agent on the other side of the table would describe their experience in working with you. Regardless of experience level I look for drive and right fit.”

Sarah knows the importance of relationship building and it’s made her the superb partner that she is today. And she couldn’t agree more when it comes to what’s been one of the most noteworthy factors of her success. “In short, I draw inspiration from the incredible people in my life.”

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