February 17th//PT China

Partners Trust China Appears In Video Broadcast to Millions Of Chinese Homes

The month of the Chinese New Year is traditionally the busiest television watching month in China. This is a time when Chinese citizens are often home with their families.

Partners Trust China is currently appearing in a video infomercial being broadcast to millions of Chinese households. The segment, featuring Charlotte Huang, is part of the  vTelevision program that comes with television set-top boxes currently installed in 44 million households in China. This service requires monthly fees and is subscribed to mostly by middle class and upper middle class television watchers throughout China. The Partners Trust portion was integrated within a longer piece that features Miami and the Armani Casa project in Miami, introduced by Carlos Gimenez, Mayor of Miami-Dade County.

This program has been running for the past two weeks and will run another two weeks. It sends a strong message to Chinese buyers that Partners Trust is a trusted and reliable source for international real estate information and news on the most luxurious properties and developments in the United States.

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