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Partners Trust CEO Nick Segal Takes Agent Accountability to “The Next Level”


With intent to put his agents’ feet to the fire and help them grow their business, Partners Trust CEO Nick Segal has introduced a new coaching series, dubbed “The Next Level: Accountability.” Via both one-on-one and group meetings with Nick, participating associates define healthy professional habits and, over 31 days, hold themselves accountable.

The twist? There’s money at stake.

Following an initial one-on-one coaching session with Nick, each associate self-defines a dollar amount — what he calls the “sting amount” — ranging from $100 to $5,000. They write a check and, if they hit their self-defined marks, they get the check back; if they don’t, that money is granted to the Partners Trust Charitable Giving Fund.

The intent of “The Next Level: Accountability,” according to Nick, is first and foremost, for associates to gain trust in themselves — to him, the most important means of professional and personal growth. “If you start to build that muscle and honor the things that you say you’re going to do, then there is nothing that can stand in the way of your achievements,” Nick says. “Besides, if we’re going to ask our clients to trust us, don’t we first need to trust ourselves?”

Thus far, the series has interest from a full spectrum of associates, from top performers to those with fewer than five transactions in the books. For each associate, the process begins with identifying winning habits and mapping out those which they’d like to honor over the next month. The goals will be simple, Nick says: “One or two actions which, if done with greater consistency, will better fuel their business moving forward.”

With the support of Nick and a social media-based group forum for ongoing dialogue, the impact of this series, independent of each individual’s success, is sure to be seen. “If you do it, you’re that much stronger,” Nick says. “If you don’t, there’s potential learning in that as well.”

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