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Partners Trust Associates Named To America’s Best Real Estate Agents List

We already know the value of the highly knowledgeable Associates we have working for us but we are pleased to announce that eight individuals and four teams from Partners Trust have been named to the list of America’s Best Real Estate Agents as ranked by Real Trends. Real Trends ranks, collects and verifies all of the data in these reports to produce a completely unbiased and ethical report and is a trusted source for data, news, and trends for the residential real estate industry. Being on this list represents a true achievement for all included.

“You achieved outrageous success last year and have been recognized accordingly. You lead by example and I am honored to call you my Partner. Please know we stand by you to support you this and every year to come,” said Nick Segal, President of Partners Trust to the Associates named to the list.

“I encourage you to take a moment to savior the superior results you have achieved. You deserve to pause to reflect on this success. There are the next moments when, with great confidence, you can resume your quest to  surpass last years milestones with even greater results. For the moment…enjoy!”

Congratulations to all who were included this year for this prestigious honor. The survey is open to individual agents closing a minimum of 50 transaction sides or $20 million in sales volume or team leaders with 75 sides and $30 million in volume.  We hope to see even more of Partners Trust represented next year!


F. Ron Smith–46 in California, 26 in Los Angeles

Hugh Evans, III–63 in California, 37 in Los Angeles

Richard Stearns–68 in California, 40 in Los Angeles

David Kelmenson–318 in California, 143 in Los Angeles

Melanie Sommers–346 in California, 154 in Los Angeles

Dana Cataldi–352 in California, 158 in Los Angeles

David Berg –362 in California, 164 in Los Angeles

Jacki Tenerelli Asplund –526 in California, 216 in Los Angeles, CA

TEAMS By Volume
Pence Hathorn & Silver Team— 15 in California, 8 in Los Angeles

The Malibu Life Team–82 in California, 31 in Los Angeles

Nick Segal and Rick Ojeda— 175 in California, 66 in Los Angeles

Susan and Bradley Mohr–319 in California 119 in Los Angeles

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