Partners Trust Associate Rides to Canada to Raise Awareness and Funds for Friend with Early-Onset Alzheimer’s

Partners Trust Associate Roland Wilhelm from our Pasadena office is currently riding his motorcycle to Canada in order to raise money for a cause that’s close to his heart.

Ride for Ray is the campaign set up by Roland and others to help their friend Ray Wells, and his fiancé May Gonzalez, as they face Wells’ diagnosis of Young Onset Alzheimer’s Disease.  

Ray Wells is a San Gabriel resident, a beloved community member and a successful  real estate agent. Since his diagnosis, his executive function is highly impaired; he cannot drive and struggles with many normal tasks. But his attitude remains positive. Friends note that  “he is always smiling, always happy, and so very grateful for the good life he has lived, and continues to live, surrounded by so many loving friends.”

Ride for Ray will take Roland and his crew on an exciting journey, a big loop from Southern California up through Canada and back. The money raised will go toward research for Alzheimer’s, as well as to support the long term care costs for Wells and his family. The campaign hopes to raise $250,000; it is currently trending on GoFundMe and has been shared over 1000 times.

In the past, Roland did a similar trip to raise money for Hathaway Sycamores, which provides children and family services in Pasadena.

Follow along with the group as they Ride For Ray:

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