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Partners Trust Associates Named To America’s Best Real Estate Agents List

We already know the value of the highly knowledgeable Associates we have working for us but we are pleased to announce that twelve individuals and three teams have been named to the list of America’s Best Real Estate Agents as ranked by Real Trends. Real Trends ranks, collects and verifies all of the data in these reports to produce a completely unbiased and ethical report and is a trusted source for data, news, and trends for the residential real estate industry.

Americas Best and Trulia

Congratulations to all who were selected this year. We hope to see even more of Partners Trust represented next year!


Hugh Evans, III–41 in California, 26 in Los Angeles

Richard Stearns–55 in California, 33 in Los Angeles

Cindy Ambuehl–138 in California, 70 in Los Angeles

F. Ron Smith–168 in California, 85 in Los Angeles

David Kelmenson–292 in California, 125 in Los Angeles

Mark Kitching–326 in California, 135 in Los Angeles

Lisa Kirshner–412 in California, 158 in Los Angeles

Carrie Berkman Lewis–489 in California, 191 in Los Angeles

Dana Cataldi–508 in California, 199 in Los Angeles

Wheeler Coberly–533 in California, 209 in Los Angeles, CA

Giusy Mele-Brown–539 in California, 212 in Los Angeles

Melanie Sommers–701 in California, 281 in Los Angeles

TEAMS By Volume
Pence Hathorn & Silver Team— 24 in California, 12 in Los Angeles
(also 84 in California and 21 in LA, teams by transaction side)

Ross and Barton–147 in California, 57 in Los Angeles

Susan & Bradley Mohr–280 in California 105 in Los Angeles



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