The Next Level Podcast: Are Chinese Investors Still Buying US Real Estate?

In episode 3 of our podcast series, The Next Level, Partners Trust CEO Nick Segal discusses the current mood and appetite for U.S. real estate by investors with one of our very own influencers, Sean Mei, founding partner of Partners Trust China.

Shanghai, China aerial view of the Pudong financial district.

Stationed in the heart of Shanghai, China, site of Partners Trust’s dedicated international office, Mei divulges on the impending policy changes that will greatly affect the flow of money in and out of the country. He points out that these policies will set off two initial waves of investment periods, allowing Chinese buyers to satiate their growing appetite for acquiring trophy homes and properties that represent the epitome of luxury.

“Due to familiarity and prestige, we’ll continue to see the highest demand for real estate in the traditional gateway cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, and New York City. However, once the currency issue is resolved, we’ll start to see more interest in cities that reside in the Midwest and Southern regions, a trend that has already begun to happen.”

In addition to breaking down the kinds of architectural properties investors gravitate towards, including why there’s such a strong tendency to buy new construction or completely remodel, Mei emphasizes the critical need for Partners Trust associates to truly understand their Chinese clientele—and in some cases, establish a friendship first.

Considering the company’s existing foothold in Shanghai, this bodes well for associates looking to engage in face-to-face conversation, which is more often than not necessary to secure a deal. “Understanding the client entails asking who they are, what challenges their family faces, and what aspirations they hold for the future. Only then can we build strong business relations with high net worth investors in China,” concludes Mei.

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