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New Associate Partner Daniel DeLeon Gives Back In Spades

daniel-deleon-ig_blogGuatemalan-born and Los Angeles-based Associate Partner Daniel DeLeon has always carried a deep entrepreneurial and philanthropic ambition close to his heart. With the support of his mentor, Founding Partner and CEO Nick Segal, Daniel shares his vision of giving back by aligning himself with various humanitarian organizations and has even founded one of his own, The Pierlis Group. From building homes for families in need to leading mission trips and distributing food in Los Angeles neighborhoods, Daniel’s personal and professional life is deeply intertwined with social good.

We sat down with Daniel to talk about his surprising yet inspiring background, philanthropic work, and the unique ability that each real estate agent has to empower others.

PT: What brought you to Los Angeles?

DD: My family had to look for asylum in the U.S. due to the civil war that was happening in Guatemala in the 1980s. We were separated from my parents for 13 years until we were able to come to this country legally.

PT: Tell us more about your birth country.

DD: Guatemala is a beautiful, tropical country with so much culture…about 40 percent of its people are indigenous.

PT: You founded The Pierlis Group in 2012 and currently serve as CEO. How did the idea for this venture come about?

DD: Pierlis is the pronunciation of Peerless, which means matchless or without equal. This is because we are in the business of giving back. The sales we achieve through peerless service support the philanthropy work we do around the world.

PT: How does your philanthropic work (Prosperity Homes and beyond) contribute to changing lives and building stronger communities?

DD: We have partnered with different organizations like TECHO which builds homes for families that are living in shacks made of plastic or cardboard. Following a house build, health and educational initiates are put in place to transition these families out of extreme poverty. We also contribute to an organization that helps orphans in Mexico. These kids earn scholarships to attend college and, as a result, many of them return back to help the orphanages that they were once a part of.

PT: How do you serve your local Los Angeles community?

DD: I work with Monday Night Mission (MNM) to help serve food every weekday to the individuals most in need. Additionally, MNM offers a mobile shower to our brothers and sisters living on the streets who want to be clean and presentable for job interviews.

PT: How is a real estate agent in a unique position to empower communities that need help?

DD: Full-circle wealth is possible through real estate. I believe that a home is the foundation where a child can reach their full potential and express their “soul’s genius.” Through every transaction that I am part of as both an agent and a CEO I am in a position to give homes to families and children around the world so they may grow up, achieve their goals and give back to their own communities.

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