Manager Spotlight: The Wisdom In Our Stars with Karen Misraje

Partners Trust’s Karen Misraje explains how you can look to the stars—and no, not the type you see on the Walk of Fame which includes some of her closest friends, but rather the luminous points in our skies—to help bring clarity to the ever-changing business of real estate.

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“The strongest component of who I am is my insatiable curiosity, and curiosity feeds change,” shares Karen, adding that she wouldn’t be where she is today—Managing Partner at Partners Trust and President of the Beverly Hill’s/Greater Los Angeles Association of Realtors—if it wasn’t for her fortitude in the face of the unknown.

Karen was sworn in December 2, 2016 to her esteemed role within BH/GLAAR at its 114th annual gala. The event—whose theme, “Innovation and the Future of Los Angeles Real Estate”, was chosen by Karen herself—allowed her to address more than 300 in attendance about embracing change and innovation within the industry to surpass competitive forces “that want to eliminate the need of Realtors in the business of real estate.”

Having been in the business for over 30 years, lobbying on behalf of realtors all the way to the state capitol, Karen has undoubtedly occupied a front row seat to the industry’s evolution. Whether it’s talk of driverless cars toting clients from house to house or the latest social media app, technology continues to disrupt the rules and how we play the game. Instead of fighting that change, Karen chooses to acknowledge and embrace it. “Regardless of your business, if you don’t modify—if you fight that organic flow—you will find yourself out of the loop,” she says.

Where this conversation really gets interesting, though, is when Karen connects the dots between the language of the Universe and her approach to change. “I believe that we can learn a lot from what goes on up there and apply it to the ebb and flow of our work and personal lives,” she explains.

Karen uses the language of the Universe to help guide her interpersonal relationships and management style. Knowing someone is a person of certain earth elements, can provide helpful insights into their personality as well as their strengths and weaknesses. Whether she’s interviewing a potential candidate, communicating with fellow associates or clients, or resolving a conflict, Karen is able to approach the situation in the best possible manner—not to mention, scratch below the surface to see who a person really is and what they seek.

“Understanding life’s organic ebb and flow has given me patience, especially if things are not going as I expected,” Karen shares. “Knowing that the universe is never stagnant but constantly moving puts me in the right frame of mind to navigate my way through uncertainty and move forward.”

A force to be reckoned with in any galaxy, Karen employs this cosmic tenacity to lead. She draws love and wisdom from her prized roles of wife, mother, and grandmother which, matched by intelligence and determination, create a daring combination that has catapulted her to the top of a male-driven industry. Partners Trust’s Beverly Hills office alone grossed $654 million in 2016 contributing to the $2.5 billion in the company’s total annual sales across seven offices and status as the leading boutique brokerage on the westside.

Put into eloquent words by Karen’s good friend, Partners Trust Co-Founder and CEO Nick Segal, “While she may only stand five-foot-four, she can block the sun.”

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