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LPS Shanghai Show Proves China’s Interest In U.S. Investment Still Strong

Our Founding Partner of Partners Trust China, Sean Mei has written that China’s investors are still heavily interested in investing in real estate in the United States.

Proof of that was on display at the 2015 December Luxury Property Showcase LPS Shanghai December 11-13.

2015-1222-LPS Shanghai Summary-2

2015-1222-LPS Shanghai Summary-2Partners Trust China in collaboration with our sister company Leverage Global Partners participated at the 2015 LPS Shanghai show with a centrally located booth. By the organizers’ latest estimate, more than 5,000 visitors passed through the show.

Sean reported that at the booth  that there was a renewed interest in overseas property investment. Partners Trust China also participated in the April LPS Beijing event. Compared to Beijing, Sean noted that LPS Shanghai appeared to have attracted more overall visitors than Beijing and saw more institutional investors in Shanghai looking not only for properties to buy but development and larger, multi-residential deals.

Once again we had a fantastic booth location and the booth’s unique design attracted a very high volume of traffic as our booth staff handed out brochures and the Partner Trust Keepsake Book, which still proved popular.

Screenshot 2015-12-22 09.11.24Sean also did an  interview for the LPS show which will be posted online and made a 20-minute presentation in the Seminar room.”It is clear that the interest in overseas investment is accelerating,” said Sean.  “Some of the clients voiced that they still struggle with getting their Chinese funds overseas. Most of the institutional investors do not have this problem.”

Our team in Shanghai continues to network with several of the oldest and largest overseas investment associations, whose members are individuals and institutional investors looking for investment opportunities with a focus on the United States.

Screenshot 2015-12-22 09.30.25We are working on a collaboration agreement with this association to regularly provide information on investment properties that include: single family homes with a focus on proximity to renowned schools; branded condominium or multi-residential projects where investors could purchase more than one unit for investment and rental revenue purposes; and residential or commercial development projects either for co-development with an overseas based developer or for self-development by the investor.

Our Partners Trust China plans for 2016 are underway. We are already preparing for the April LPS in Beijing and working with investment tour operators to bring these investors stateside in the new year.

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