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Live and Let Live: Charming Spaces that Inspire

What’s setting apart today’s market? It’s more than dream kitchens and open concept layouts and square footage. It’s charm.

The housing market is being defined by sweet corridors that are as idealistic as they are functional. These charming spaces range from the unforeseen to the somewhat expected with outdoor bathtubs, sprawling outdoor living areas, wildly alluring decks and more. And while they may seem like an extension of the home, they’re more than that—they’re fresh spaces that are small, but large enough to define the essence of a home and ultimately enrich your world. 


As if living along the shore of Maui weren’t enough to transform your world, the lush grounds of 204 Kealaki Place speaks a language of serenity. Unexpected touches like an outdoor bathtub makes the ethereal reality.


Just off the bedroom, a rustic wonderspace exists that seamlessly blends the outside with the inside with soft-hued wood and an open border that allows the ocean air to flow freely. Framed by trees and intertwined with nature, the outdoor bath and shower concept allows you to experience the pleasantries of living in Hawaii by indulging and getting lost in the magic of your own home.

Pictured: 204 Kealakai Place, listed with Paige Mallas


Courtyards are great. Styled courtyards are better. Use open outdoor spaces as a way to create authentic experiences and memorable moments in your home. Choose to decorate with fun streams of lights that share the spotlight with natural surroundings like trees and potted shrubbery. The key to curating this cozy space is as much about the layout as it is about the design, so you’ll want to pick warm inviting fabrics and furnishings so that even when the season’s change this will still be you and your friends and family’s special place.

Pictured: 5749 Noble Avenue, listed with Roland Wilhelm and Alex Ford


Finding a sacred space in LA is an absolute must. But you shouldn’t look beyond your own backyard. Richness is in abundance when you craft a space like the one at 901 Teakwood Road –a luxe deck that houses a full outdoor living space, offers captivating views and nods at Southern California boho vibes with a crochet hammock. This sweet spot is somewhat transformative as it’s surrounded by rich greenery and shows off uninterrupted views of the hills and beyond. This is the place that begs for all of your free moments–from quiet mornings with the paper and coffee to lazy afternoons where you want to get lost in your thoughts.

Pictured: 901 Teakwood Road, listed with Smith & Berg


As important as your home’s common space is your personal space. A bedroom that’s whimsy and peppered with luxurious detail embodies the modern free spirit vibe. Aptly situated along Bonsall Drive in Malibu, this room redefines rustic elegance as a sustainable touches like reclaimed wood and potted succulents join forces with elegant pendant lighting, crisp white bedding and sliding doors that open to the lush outdoor space. The open concept invites you to live and absorb the Pacific breeze with Zuma Beach a stone’s through away as well as invite nature to share in your private moments.

Pictured: 6237 Bonsall Drive, listed with Madison Hildebrand

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