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L.A.’s Food Truck Kingdom: The Cream of the Crop

If you were a food truck, where would you be? These days, the answer to that question is much more involved than back in 2008 when Roy Choi and his team were rolling through the streets with mouth-watering tacos. From obscure parking lots to outdoor movie screenings and even beside your favorite coffee shop, food trucks have been woven into the very fabric of L.A.’s landscape and culture.

We know that hunger can strike at any moment, yet so can the promise of a gourmet chef-driven meal on wheels. As we head into summer, improve your chances of being front in line by following their Instagram account or by tracking their whereabouts using this handy site.

Yeastie Boys

The Yeastie Boys are bringing the bagel back to L.A. in a delicious way, complete with creations like The Lox (smoked salmon & dill spread, persian cucumber, sliced radish, caper pesto on sesame seed bagel). And, because bagels and schmear go so well with a cup of joe, it’s no surprise that this food truck parks at the city’s most happening coffee outposts, including Alfred Coffee & Kitchen (multiple locations), Stumptown Roasters in DTLA and Dinosaur Coffee in Silverlake.

Street Cred — Bagels are hand-rolled fresh daily. Scroll through their Instagram account if you’re prepared for images that will make you unapologetically salivate.


Pizza Vivace

One of the newest food trucks to crawl its way through Los Angeles, Pizza Vivace’s Neapolitan-style pies are just as impressive as the rig itself: a converted shipping container equipped to handle a wood-burning pizza oven and all the kitchen accoutrements needed to perfect your next slice.

Street Cred — Pizza Vivace uses 100% organic flour and a 200 year-old sourdough starter to make their dough.


Mariscos Jalisco

As one of the longest-serving restaurants on wheels to hit Los Angeles, Mariscos Jalisco remains a “no bells and whistles” seafood truck offering unbeatable prices and a fiercely loyal following from its Boyle Heights fanbase.

Street Cred — The truck’s uniquely fried shrimp tacos dorados and top hit tostadas (like the Poseidon, which comes bursting with just about everything found in the ocean) have earned quite the reputation.


Pico House

This colorful, grain bowl-centric truck makes frequent stops from the Arts District to Culver City. Regulars rave about the Union Lamb (harissa braised lamb, sauteed onions and peppers, carrot puree, mint, tomato, cucumber, red wine vinaigrette and goat cheese) and Crenshaw Meatballs (pork & chicken meatball, coconut curry, garbanzo beans, jicama slaw, honey roasted peanuts).

Street Cred — The chefs behind this standout food truck have resumes that include renowned restaurants like Bestia and Blue Hill (New York).


Guerilla Tacos

As Chef Wes Avila recalls, the idea to use tacos as a medium for expressing his craft hit him like a stick hitting a pinata. Open since 2012, Guerrilla Tacos is committed to infusing flavors inspired by the City of Angels, such as seared cauliflower and yellowtail poke.

Street Cred — Before occupying a blue truck, Guerilla Tacos was a street cart and, not long before that, a pop-up dining experience taking up residence anywhere they could (empty storefronts, stairwells, garage spaces deep downtown, etc). They truly stick to their roots and embody the food truck Cinderella Story.



As one of the brightest and most Instagram-worthy stars in the food truck business, Coolhaus’ founders Natasha Case and Freya Estreller started baking cookies, making ice cream and combining them into “cool houses” that were reflective of their respective backgrounds in the design and real estate fields. Their phenomenal sammies have since expanded to include pints and bars that are available at grocery stores in all 50 states.

Street Cred — Coolhaus trekked out to the world-famous Coachella music festival in 2009 to make their ice cream sandwich debut. Needless to say, they were not a one-hit wonder.


*Photos Courtesy of Food & Wine, Vivace, Jeans & Ties, Valerie Fitzgerald, Guerilla Tacos & The Hundreds 

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