Experience This in 2017: 17 Ways to Give Back

Knowing rich experiences make for a happy and healthy life, Partners Trust is here to help you experience more in 2017, and as a charitable organization, we know giving back to your community is one of the most fulfilling experiences in the journey of life. If you’re ready to re-center and focus on this important personal goal, here are some easy ways to give back in 2017.

heal-the-bay1. Join a beach cleanup

Trash is a major issue on LA’s beaches that leads to ocean pollution and has extremely dangerous implications for marine life and humans alike. Participate (or why not start?) a beach cleanup like the ones organized by Heal the Bay.


EduCare2. Work with kids

EduCare Foundation* is an LA based group that works to empower young people with a host of enriching after school programs, providing students with opportunities to develop skills and build relationships.

VA3. Help veterans

These are the people who risk their lives for our country. Spending time with and donating to veterans is a hugely impactful way to give back. The VA has various opportunities.

judy Fund4. Prevent disease

The Judy Fund* is a family fund has raised and invested over $6 million in partnership with the Alzheimer’s Association. Each year, The Judy Fund hosts a team in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s.


Senior companion5. Spend time with seniors

Help senior citizens through programs like Senior Companions, where you can assist seniors with daily tasks or keep them company. Or reach out to an assisted living facility in your area.

inner-city-arts-logo6. Support the arts

Inner-City Arts* is a group, which works to enrich the lives of young people by offering after-school and summer art programs including visual arts, theater, photography, dance and much more.


Salvation Army7. Donate goods

The post-holiday season is all about culling in the lead up to spring cleaning. Give away those unwanted and unused goods to those in need, like homeless shelters, Goodwill or Salvation Army.


AIDS walk8. Walk/run for a cause

Participating in a walk or run like the AIDS Walk, where you raise money for a cause, is not just great for the recipients of funds raised, but for your own health.

Westside Children’s Foundation9. Empower families and children

Westside Children’s Foundation* helps families and children by offering critical services  like high-quality early education programs, family strengthening, foster care, and more.

Give Back Homes10. Build a house

Work with a group like Give Back Homes*, a community of real estate professionals who help build homes for deserving families.

Red Cross11. Give Blood

Take a moment in 2017 to give blood with organizations like The Red Cross. An hour of your time can directly save a life.

SPCA12. Play with animals

Spend your time volunteering at a shelter or with a rescue group like the SPCA and play with some puppies and kittens who just need some love.


One Voice13. Help families in need

One Voice* is a non-profit that helps the community by supporting families living in poverty with emergency relief programs and other services to improve the quality of life for these individuals.

Animal Shelters14. Adopt don’t shop

When adding a furry friend to your family, be sure to adopt and support a local animal shelter or non-profit. The organizations, mostly the animals whose lives you are saving, will appreciate it.

WP15. Shop conscientiously

By shopping with brands like Warby Parker and Toms, who match proceeds by donating products to those in need, you can ensure you’re supporting brands who care.

food bank16. Feed the hungry

Countless people go hungry each day. You can help this epidemic by donating food and/or volunteering at a local food bank or shelter.


Pink Dot17. Become an organ donor

A great way to give back is by ensuring, if anything were to happen to you, you would be able to help someone else in need. Become an organ donor and give the ultimate gift.


*Previous Partners Trust Charitable Giving Fund Recipient

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