Designer Focus: Azul Staging Outfits Two Westside Homes to Complement Staggering Ocean Views


It’s amazing to see what color and texture can do to elevate a home to its full potential. That’s exactly what happened at 18013 Sea Reef  and 18341 Coastline Drive, two ocean-facing properties sharing similar layouts—with several principal rooms opening up to the outside—which originally lacked a cohesive aesthetic. We decided to speak with designer Janet Vargas, the true visionary behind LA-based Azul Staging, to uncover just how she transformed the home’s interior spaces to complement their inherent flexibility and inviting sky and coastal views. Prepare to be inspired for, in addition to sharing her insights, Janet leaves us with her best advice for homeowners embarking on the interior design process themselves.

Listed with the Smith & Berg team at Partners Trust, 18013 Sea Reef Drive in Pacific Palisades is offered at $4.7 million and 18341 Coastline Drive in Malibu is offered at $2.8 million.  


The ocean views inspired Janet to create a design that both utilized sea elements and colors while enhancing the existing beauty surrounding the properties.


Beyond being a piece of art in and of itself, the feature wall depicted above offers dual functionality: an artistic expression and a tool to brighten a dark spot in the house. Comprised of a set of twin glass planks with an illuminated core—which also has a sound component—this composition was specifically designed for this wall and intended to stand out on its own.


When considering what lighting would illuminate the dining room table, Janet looked for an ultra modern statement piece that would also remind people of the home’s oceanic themes—in fact, the fixture resembles the shape of a jellyfish. The gray hue with the bright white light is the perfect complement to the light grays, silvers, and blues that reminds Janet of the reflection of the sky on the ocean late in the afternoon.


Sculptural and handcrafted, the wooden furnishings throughout this home were selected with the intent to add warmth and harmony to a previously sterile and minimalist environment. “I believe in the beauty that comes from the contrast of materials and textures while drawing inspiration from the basic elements found in nature such as wood, fire, air and water,” explains Janet.


When designing one’s home, Janet advises to simply let the home tell you what it needs. “Walk in the room, look at the exterior, close your eyes, and feel the interior. Is it noisy? Dark? Is it enclosed? Open and bright? Does it need color or framing? Does is need lighting or toning? Do we need to add warmth or add space? Ask yourself all those questions and the possibilities—the right possibilities—will begin to reveal themselves.”

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