Closet Guru Lisa Adams Offers 10 Simple Wardrobe Transformations to Start This Weekend


Don’t look now, but chances are good that your current closet situation is failing to reach its true potential. And why should you care? Because the place where you spend your first and last moments of your day should be as beautiful and seamless as all those moments in between. Prescribing to that philosophy is designer and owner of LA Closet Design Lisa Adams who, through her savvy design approach, can transform any drab, cluttered closet into an inspiring and organized sanctuary, and has done so for the likes of Reese Witherspoon, Giuliana Rancic and Khloe Kardashian.

In addition to documenting her latest client projects, Lisa’s lifestyle blog, CLOSETPHILE, covers the topics of travel, fashion and events, and shares the tools and products she uses regularly. To prove that you don’t need to budget for a complete closet overhaul to make major improvements, we asked Lisa to divulge her 10 best closet transformations that one can adopt today, without any professional help. The result? You may end up spending more time surrounded by your wardrobe.

  1. Install a towel bar to create a staging area where you can display pieces when assembling new looks or packing for a trip. This set-up works especially well for bloggers and avid instagrammers.


  1. Install undermount hooks to hang larger tote bags and insert purse pillows inside of each one to help maintain their shape.


  1. Use an extendable shower curtain rod in a cabinet to hang boots with boot trees. This will help keep taller boots organized while extending their life.
  1. Create a hanging jewelry panel by lining a wall or panel in your closet with felt or fabric, and installing hooks to hang your longer pieces.


  1. Add vinyl dry cleaning bags within your existing hamper to create separate sections for laundry, dry cleaning, and items to purge/donate.
  1. Replace conventional hanging rods with battery-operated LED hanging rods to create a more boutique experience—as well as make the items in your closet more visible!


  1. Create a purse changing station by organizing a drawer with compartments for pens, wallets, gum, and lip gloss to make the changing process easier. For a real overhaul, run a power strip into the back of the drawer so you can charge your electronics while keeping them tucked away out of sight.
  1. Remove any odd hangers and/or change out all your hangers to be the same style and material—this is an easy upgrade that will instantly take your closet from drab to fab!


  1. In a smaller space, use photo ledges to store/display sunglasses, clutches and other small accessories. This will allow for easy access to your favorite pieces, without having them get lost in a deep drawer.
  1. Create a 3-way mirror by installing wall mirrors on a hinge. You can incorporate a hinge on the back of any basic wall mirror, and instantly create a custom dressing space.

For more ideas on how you can improve your closet space, head on over to LA Closet Design’s website or watch Lisa’s latest vlog.


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