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Climb Aboard the Do Good Bus with Associate Partner David Sheftell

Can you recall the last time you rode a school bus? For Associate Partner David Sheftell, the answer to that question would be earlier this week when, along with 30 real estate professionals, he hopped onto the Do Good Bus to a location unbeknownst to any of them. The Los Angeles-based non-profit transports groups to different locations to volunteer but doesn’t disclose any information beyond that, including how they’ll be getting their hands dirty. All David knew upon boarding the green and white vehicle was that he was in for a fun day of service, and that’s exactly what he got.

Part of a team-building experience co-sponsored by Giveback Homes, the ride kicked-off with an immediate feel-good energy as music poured from the speakers and jovial conversation ensued between volunteers. A series of planned icebreaker games facilitate interaction amongst the guests, as do the seating arrangement, which features two long rows that face one another. Fun surprises, like a gumball machine filled with packs of seedlings that you are encouraged to throw out the window, ensured that this bus was headed anywhere but homeroom.

David and the rest of the volunteers arrived at the OC Food Bank in Orange County where they learned that they would be assembling boxed meals for the local elderly community. “From folding boxes to adding non-perishables, everyone occupied their own station, and I was in charge of green beans,” describes David. “The music was pumping and at any given moment somebody would be dancing…it was something out of an I Love Lucy episode.” Six hundred and eighty meals later, David and the crew were back on the bus and headed home. “It was nice to take a day off to do something for somebody else and not be looking at my phone,” he reflects, “Especially in our fast-paced business, focusing on the task at hand and trying to help as many people as we could was especially gratifying.”

Partnerships have allowed the Do Good Bus to host rides across the U.S. For more information on how to get involved, visit their volunteer page.

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