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Beauty and Brains: Meet Digital Influencer and Partners Trust Client Sazan Hendrix

Becoming a trusted voice in the crowded world of fashion requires more than being able to take a pretty picture. Meet Sazan Hendrix, a fashion blogger and digital influencer whose lifestyle blog attracts hundreds of thousands of readers monthly. The fashion “obzazzed” Sazan (yes, she has developed her own lexicon) has made a name for herself in the digital entertainment world and is showing no signs of slowing down.


Sazan and her husband Steve recently purchased their very first home in Los Angeles — Glendale, to be exact. Guiding them through the process was none other than Partners Trust’s Jane Dorian, who has become more than just their realtor and friend, but someone they consider their “LA mom.”

We had a chance to sit down with Sazan and talk about her digital platform, becoming a homeowner, and why L.A. is the perfect place to live out her most colorful dreams.

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PT: What, in your mind, makes a house a home?

SH: I love a quiet and cozy sanctuary that allows me to feel inspired away from the noise of the outside world. Style-wise, I’m a Father of the Bride house kind of girl. My love lies not in modern architecture but in a charming home with a story behind it…one that’s been worn a few times over.

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PT: Since both you and your husband work from home, what unique qualities were you looking for?

SH: We obviously needed something with a bit more space so that we can separate work from our personal lives. Our new home is absolutely perfect as it has ample garage space where I can escape to to film my YouTube videos and there’s also a nice nook where Steve and his laptop can takeover.

PT: Any advice for people facing the same undertaking?

SH: Never settle on what qualities matter most to you because once you find the house for you it will all be worth it.

PT: What makes Los Angeles an ideal city to “host” your beauty and fashion platform?

SH: L.A. is full of so many creatives—both established and up & coming—in every aspect of the digital space. It takes being immersed in that culture to keep your drive and ideas fresh.

PT: What topics are you most passionate about writing with your online audience?

SH: Beauty and style make up the majority of my content. I love mixing looks for everyday as well as for special occasions so that my audience can find a well-rounded directory when searching for the perfect look.

PT: Any new projects you’re working on?

SH: I launched a company called Bless Box last December. The subscription-based service features a collection of the best beauty, health, and food products—like a coconut rose toner or a protein-rich dark chocolate almond bar—that are personally vetted by me. Each month, I try new products, partner with interesting brands, and share my most tried-and-true favorites with readers and subscribers.


PT: What brands are you (creative) crushing on lately?

SH: Not a brand specifically but I have been super inspired by colorful eyeshadows lately. Bright yellow, blue, green, red, purple…the whole shebang! I actually shared a makeup tutorial on my YouTube channel that reveals how to mimic Selena Gomez’s stunning Met Gala look.

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