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The Allure of Microneighborhoods for New Home Buyers

In the hunt for the perfect home, community is foundational to the search. Some people are drawn to big cities, others to small towns. For new homebuyers, it’s often about finding that perfect middle (and micro) ground, a neighborhood nestled within a big county that offers small town charm. Introducing: microneighborhoods.

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A microneighborhood is a specific batch of properties, sometimes comprising a strip of houses, even a single block, which collectively possesses a unique identity with immense appeal. In cities like New York and Los Angeles, savvy homebuyers and investors seek out these small patches of homes.

Walkable neighborhoods like these, with activities and amenities often close to home, encourage residents to engage with their communities. This means less driving, which is a huge perk for people in cities like LA, where traffic and long commutes are often woefully part of one’s daily routine.

For residents of a microneighborhood, there’s an intimacy established between the residents and their area. Associate Partner Mark Kitching, who lives with his family in Culver West, an enclave of Culver City, describes the community / resident relationship as having tremendous value. He recently told, that his family loves the “ability walk down the street and go to one of a handful of great restaurants where we know everybody and know the quality of what we’re going to get.”

Different buyers are attracted to different aspects of a neighborhood, which correlate to their wants and needs. The same thing goes for microneighborhoods. There is often an anchoring, attractive feature of each mini community, such as a coffee shop or park. Residents also contribute to the creation of these hubs which, for Mark and his wife, was opening a Pilates studio and juice bar. When spaces free up in the neighborhood, he works to bring in the services he’d like to have close every day.

The success of the community not only increases the quality of life for residents, but it can also greatly increase the real estate value of the homes within a microneighborhood. Especially as the desire for this level of communal intimacy and ease grows. To feel at home within your neighborhood is being proven invaluable.

Looking for the right community for your needs? Use Partners Trust’s advanced search feature to type in your area and browse through homes for sale in a specific microneighborhood.

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