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9 Partners Trust Associates Share Mom’s Best Advice

Pick up any real estate career book and you’re sure to find one common suggestion: Seek a mentor. Once walking on a specific career path, we all know it’s wise to bring in a camp of those who have traveled it before you. But what we often come to realize is, it’s the mentors that are with us from birth, specifically the motherly figures in our lives, and the words which they repeatedly impart, that shape our selves and guide our careers.

In honor of Mother’s Day, nine Partners Trust associates are sharing life lessons from their mothers and grandmothers; the inspiring, the motivating and even the embarrassing.nick-segal

Nick Segal

“‘Never burn a bridge!’ —Janet Segal”

Caroline Barry

“My mom always said, her mother always said to her: “If there’s something you can do about it, do it. If there’s nothing you can do about it, worrying won’t help.’”
Caroline-Barry copy

Margaret Bradley

“One thing my mother taught me that’s helped in my career is to always send a handwritten thank you note. She also told us to wear nice underwear in case we got in an accident and ended up in the hospital, don’t chew gum because you look cheap, and marry a guy who knows how to dance.”
Margaret Bradley

Katrina Webb

“My mother was insistent for many, many years that I buy rental properties. She’s smart.”

Nancy Eisenstadt

“My mother Joyce, who is a vibrant almost 87-year-old, always told me to be true to myself and to be honest in my business dealings. She encouraged me to be the best person I could be. Think for me I looked at her, even today, as a person who says it like it is. I always know where I stand with her—and most likely people feel the same about me. And, while this has nothing to do with career, the one bit of advice that my friends and I still remember is, ‘A belt makes an old outfit look new!’”

Joseph Fick

“Gloria Fick, mother of 8, always said ‘You eat here, you sleep here, you work here.’ A great leader of souls.”

Maxx Rifkin

“My Mom is the most nurturing woman and person in my life. She works closely with me as my title rep. and as one of the nation’s top five title reps for more than 20 years. In addition to her success, she is known for her list-making habit. Her biggest professional advice she has given me is teaching me this simple, yet effective habit. She did so by example and by telling me that no one is ever too rich or too smart to make a to-do list. We all forget little and big tasks every day, but by making a daily to-do list we limit our ability to make that mistake.

Madison Hildebrand

“My grandmother Cecil, like my mother, is a huge inspiration to me. They both have been pillars of true stamina (my Grandma Cecil is presently 93 years), instilling values, teaching and just providing unconditional love. It is them that softens my heart, my head, my perspective on life, including my business life. I am so blessed as I couldn’t imagine a world without a motherly figure—it would be a scary place to live.”

Scott Carmody

“My mom is cut from a different cloth than most. Her best piece of advice? Don’t eat yellow snow. That was actual advice when I was five and she was sending me out to play by myself in the yard, which was covered in three feet of snow. And people wonder why I turned out the way I did…”
Scott Carmody

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