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5 Ways to Renovate Your Home Without Construction

Home updates needn’t be large-scale projects; so, don’t start tearing down walls and hiring contractors just yet. Explore the different ways you can change the look and feel of your space by tailoring it to fit your current mood, whether that means soft, sheer curtains casting a candy-colored light into your workspace or wallpaper telling a story to each guest who walks through your home.


It’s often said that change is on par with growth, so cultivate your design spirit, transform your home or refine just once space to reflect the most current version of you. And, if you aren’t sure where to begin, take a glimpse at a few ideas below to set your designer vibes into motion.

Curtain Call

Drapes have had a huge resurgence over the last decade. Why? Well, beyond their functional quality of cooling and darkening spaces, they’re fashionable and come equipped with the power to transform the overall feel of a room. With a myriad of curtains and drapes designed to suit your style, there’s no reason not to update a room in such an easy manner. Brighten up a dull space with sheer curtains in bold hues to cast some color into the room or opt for heavier options to imbue a space with sophisticated. From chartreuse in baby nurseries to soft-hued cascading linen curtains that give shape to a space, this is a simple update that requires no construction – just a keen eye, a drill for the rods and an open mind.


Art For Art’s Sake

The most transformative updated can be a mere statement, and the best way to do so is through art. From gallery walls, to murals, to one standout piece, art has a massive effect on a room. Opting for aerial beach photography style pieces, which are currently on-trend, can offer a soothing and exploratory ambiance to a room. More abstract pieces can unite a space and bring context to what might be an eclectic design scheme. Even a simple oil painting – landscape or portrait – can do wonders.


Walls Up

The easiest and most unassuming transformation ruling the design world, wallpaper and textured wall coverings are the anything-but-average way to go. Rich designs, consistencies and unsuspected prints promise to revive any room. For instance, the Sauvage wall covering from Zak and Fox acts as a nod to Henri Matisse, telling a captivating story of French influence and adding a refreshing flair to an otherwise flavorless space. Beyond this seasonal stunner, wall coverings range from demure to luxe, like Kravet’s metallic options or feathered wall coverings from Celerie Kimble.


Heavy Metal

You’ve no doubt seen people fall for rustic detail. And, as much as it is a welcomed and earthy approach, bringing in rich metallic accents can be a strong addition. No longer synonymous with high falutin opulence, metallics are the current rage in design due to their ability to stand alone or bring a bit of shine wherever they’re placed. Silver, bronze, gold, rose gold – each has its own merits. Consort has mastered the art of integrating shiny objects into a more muted space. Lean on natural elements, but bring in metallics to add some modest glam.


Bohemian Rhapsody

Typically you’d think that what is at eye-level that can impact a space; but, the truth is that what’s below can make the biggest difference of all. No need to start sourcing flooring or pulling up tiles and carpets. Instead, bring in a bit of bohemia. Look to beautifully designed, hand woven rugs to update. Get bold and bring in color or rely on ornate patterns to define the feel of your refreshed space. Not only do bohemian, vintage prints add a sense of worldliness to your room, but they hardly ever interfere with current designs; a medley of subtle colors and patterns add crucial flavor to a room that needs a touch of sweetening.


*Photos Courtesy of Emily HendersonGray MalinZak and FoxConsort & Amber Interiors 

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