Urth Caffe Coming Soon to Pasadena

Urth Caffe Coming to PasadenaLiving and working in Pasadena, it’s a rare treat to visit Urth Caffe, which has four locations throughout Los Angeles. Luckily we won’t have to travel so far and so infrequently to taste their delicious coffee since they’re opening a new location here in Pasadena this spring.

You’ve probably passed right by the new building, which is being built in the heart of Pasadena on the corner of Colorado and Madison, and not even known what was soon to occupy the space. Now you know!

For those of you who haven’t ever been to Urth Caffe, it is an organic coffee company that exclusively carries its own brand of premium, fresh roasted, whole bean organic coffee and much more. (Full disclosure: my real estate brokerage, Partners Trust, has a business relationship with Urth Caffe.)

They’re especially known for their delicious salads (which are my personal favorite). Since I’m always in the area, I can’t wait to stop in whenever and try out their organic, farm-fresh mixed greens, which come with Urth vinaigrette and served with fresh bread and butter. I especially like the idea of having the choice of a half or full side order.

Urth Caffe has been a trendy spot for celebrity sitings since it first opened in West Hollywood in 1989. I wonder if that will transfer over to our Pasadena location. It would be exciting, wouldn’t it?

Have you been to Urth Caffe before? What’s your favorite thing to eat or drink there? Leave me a comment in the field below. And maybe I’ll see you there in April!

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  1. Michael says:

    Love Urth Cafe………….have one in downtown area………….who’s who and great, fresh, healthy food, and a great cup of hot JO

  2. Stephen Villaborghi says:

    I love that coffee. Thank you so much for bringing the new location to our attention. Please, keep this kind of information coming, your reporting is very timely, concise and informative. Thank YOU!!!

  3. Chatty Arrieta says:

    I frequent Urth Beverly Hills, the pot roast sandwich is the best, the meat is cooked to perfection that actually melts in your mouth, have it with the green tea blended boba and you are set! Downtown Urth Caffe is my hang out Saturday morning from the flower market, order Urth’s soy Spanish latte and salmon plate for breakfast, its the best way to start your weekend. I hope to see Urth Pasadena open soon!!!

  4. nick segal says:

    We love Urth Caffe and the almond croissant is just one of those great simple pleasures in life. We sure will get a lot of visibility for Partners Trust, using an SEO term, and get quite a halo effect. Great Blog Michele. Thanks.

  5. Morgan says:

    Can’t wait for lunch dates!! xo

  6. Scott Brown says:

    My wife and I have only been to the Urth Caffe a few times and it is Fantastic!!! We are so happy to see Urth Caffe in Pasadena. Thanks

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