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PT Beat: Partners Trust Opens New Office in Pasadena

Pasadena Colorado Street Bridge - Partners Trust Real Estate Pasadena

Over the past few years, Partners Trust has grown considerably.  We have added new offices, new associates, new staff, new procedures, all to keep up with our growing business and to best serve our clients.  Through it all and at the heart of who we are, we are still a family and we honor this commitment to our community on a daily basis.

This week we begin a new chapter for Partners Trust with the opening of our Pasadena office and it is with a deep respect for all things community that we do so.  Pasadena is an incredible place with a rich history, traditional values and a group of residents who appreciate living in a city with a small-town feel that seems far from the busy L.A. life.  We love what they love about this community and are excited to become a part of it.

Though we bring a newness, we deeply respect the traditions which have been established in Pasadena over the years, those of art, architecture, education, business, and, of course, community.   We will build upon these existing traditions, using our leading-edge technology and innovative ideas to preserve and highlight all of the incredible features of this charming city.

Partnership is in everything that we do, and working together is at the core of who we are. As associates we are each part owners of this company and as a team we strive toward success in all that we do.  We are ready to bring our commitment to partnership into this newest venture, to work together with the welcoming residents of Pasadena in continuing to make this city the attractive place to call home that it already is.

What is the most important thing about your community?  What do you think of our decision to expand into Pasadena?  Please share your ideas and leave your comments below.

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