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Parking Tickets are Expensive: Beverly Hills Waives Erroneous Parking Tickets as a Courtesy

In cities like Los Angeles, West Hollywood, and Beverly Hills an average parking ticket is around sixty bucks, if not more. Drivers often get issued parking tickets in error and usually pay them rather than try to contest the fees because the process is lengthy and usually unsuccessful.  However, in the city of Beverly Hills, they make it simple: you need only apply to get your fee waived and it’ll be done (but only the first time).

In the cities of Los Angeles and West Hollywood once someone feels he or she was issued a parking ticket in error, the options are clear:

  • Accept it and pay the parking ticket on or before the due date.
  • Contest the parking ticket and wait for the results.

Once the investigation takes place and if you’re found innocent, a refund will be issued. In most cases, though, you’re not found innocent and the funds are kept by the city.  However the City of Beverly Hills is very different.

Anyone who feels they were issued a parking ticket in Beverly Hills in error, may apply for a one time waiver fee and no payment is required.

I found all of this out last week when I was issued a parking citation in error on Canon Drive. The staff in City Hall could not have been any nicer in offering a one-time fee waiver for the ticket. I know: not what you’d expect, right?

This sets the tone for how Beverly Hills treats its community and sets itself apart from other cities. Most drivers including myself are not aware of this and often pay a ticket even know they knew they hadn’t done anything wrong.

Have you experienced receiving parking tickets that were issued in error and found it difficult to have them waived? Please share your thoughts and comments and let’s make this information helpful for others.

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