12 Things to Do With an Extra Hour of Daylight

Ask any Southern Californian and they’ll tell you that this has been a rough winter. Weeks of rain and cold have us in more anticipation of Spring than usual, and with the comeback of Daylight Savings Time, we’re hopeful that the extra hour is not only loaded with sunshine, but also prosperity and productivity. So rather than suggest you go home from work to a space that’s a little more bright, we recommend taking advantage of the extra sunlight and maximizing the whole thing from start (March 12, 2017 at 2am) to finish (November 5, 2017 at 2am).

Here’s to Daylight Savings Time, the long, sunny days ahead and the chance to make the most of them.

Watch The Sunset

Because in those first few days of Daylight Savings, you might be able to get out of work just in time to catch a glorious sunset, you should. With the sun setting around 6pm, you can pick a spot and watch the wild colors that a coastal sunset can produce. Try spotting the “green flash” from Manhattan Beach pier and walking Manhattan Beach Blvd. for a bite to follow.HermosaBeachSunset

Create a Springtime Bucket List

Now’s the time to take advantage of your city. Create a list of things you’d love to try since you have a little more sunshine. Whether it’s that new restaurant or a local park that you drive by daily or spending time with an old friend, add this to your list. Now that you have a little more time during the day, making things happen should come a little easier.

Take a Late Day Hike

Our home is overflowing with wonderful hiking paths that lead to views of the horizon or even just offer you a peek into nature. Take “natural living” to the next level and spend sometime in Mother Nature’s playground, working your way through trails that offer a sweet escape from the hustle and bustle of your day-to-day. And with the sun being out longer, you might see some things that’ll leave you in awe. Need a recommendation? We’ve got 17.Processed with VSCO with c7 preset

Sunset Picnic

Dining al fresco is no doubt, one of Daylight Savings Time’s biggest perks. The chance to catch up with friends, family or significant others increases dramatically and you get to do it with a sun drenched backdrop. So plan for a sunset picnic. Grab your favorite nibbles or pre-plan by calling your favorite restaurant and ordering take-out, then take it outside. Pick a quiet space, away from the noise so you and your guest can take it all in. The sun’s only rule? Don’t miss the magic when it hits the horizon.

Read A Book

You always say you don’t have enough time to sit down and enjoy a book. Well, now you do. Commit to a title that intrigues you and spend some time outside reading. Take a break from internet news, social media and reality TV for a bit to remind yourself that life’s simplest pleasures can be the most rewarding. That’s a fact. And your brain gets a workout in the process.ben-white-138093

Take the Scenic Route Home

Because it’s dark and there’s usually traffic, taking scenic routes, loses its appeal when the days are shorter, but when the days are longer, the drive home gets a little bit more pleasant. And while more sun doesn’t whisk away the traffic, it can offer you a chance to take in the beautiful Southern California scenery on your way home.

Get Your Home Bar Summer Ready

Stock up on your favorite sips and mixers in honor of a sun-soaked happy hour. Explore unique concoctions that are best enjoyed in the sun and be sure you’re ready to create one or two for when the long day calls for it. Stay ready for springtime guests, brunches or just at-home happy hour. And feel free to pull from that herb garden that you decided to plant.brooke-lark-203844

Plant an Herb Garden

With the sun hanging out a tad bit longer, you have a prime opportunity to finally plant that herb garden you keep talking about. Take you prick of fragrant herbs, plant and tend to them while you enjoy the daylight. These herbs are sure to come in handy throughout Spring and Summer as you mix beverages or cook seasonal eats. Take it from Partners Trust Associate Jane Dorian.matt-montgomery-3790

Do Some Spring Cleaning

Perhaps the most predictable thing to do with the extra daylight is clean up your space. Over the last few months, you’ve most likely collected papers, business cards, clothes and whatever else. Well you know what they say, out with old and in with the new. Revive your home and throw out everything you no longer need. And while you’re at it, liven up your place with a few seasonal finds. This will make your home one of the most pleasant places to be all season long.

Spend An Hour Trying Something New

You’ve always wanted to take up tennis. Why not make this Spring the time to do it? The additional daylight sometimes leaves us feeling renewed, recharged and reenergized and ultimately up for a new challenge. Perhaps you’re planning a Summer trip to Italy in July. Well there’s no better time than the present to learn Italian, right?! Here’s some inspiration.joshua-earle-2521

Show Off A More Colorful Wardrobe

If you spent the winter bathed in black or donning 50 different shades of grey, it’s time to update your aesthetic. Take the extra time to do a little shopping and liven your look. The runways predicted that some of the season’s best hues range from girlish shades of blush and soft blues to more vibrant shades of yellow and an array of abstract patterns. Surely, you’ll find a fresh new style to show off during those extra hours of light.

Clear Your Mind

Give yourself an hour each day to gain some clarity. Don’t worry about your emails, your to-do list or your notifications. Allow yourself to disconnect, if only for a few moments each day. Since you’ve gained the extra time, you have no excuse. And by doing this you’ll find yourself creating a more rich and wonderful Spring season for yourself and those around you. Promise.josh-adamski-116665



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