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"When you win, we win. Our team operates with the utmost professionalism and has your best interest at the heart of each transaction. With this level of support, rest assured that you are in good hands." --Segal & Ojeda


About Nick Segal: Nick Segal is Co-Founder and CEO of Partners Trust — a discerning and conscientious Los Angeles-based real estate brokerage that has grossed more than $10 billion in sales since its 2009 inception. A nationally renowned real estate agent and prized industry speaker, Nick was recently named on the Swanepoel Power 200, a formidable list of the top 200 most powerful people in residential real estate and Variety’s 2016 Showbiz Real Estate Elite.

Since launching Partners Trust, Nick has led the company from five founding partners to more than 240 active agents, with eight offices across Los Angeles and an international headquarters in Shanghai. In 2013, Nick co-founded Leverage Global Partners, an innovative and exclusive network of boutique independent real estate firms around the world. In 2015, Nick and the founders at Partners Trust started the Partners Trust Charitable Giving Fund, a non-profit foundation that provides financial support to Los Angeles-based charitable organizations.
With three decades of experience in real estate, Nick has earned the trust of a closely protected list of celebrities, business leaders and many other notable figures. He is fervently committed to raising the bar of professionalism at every touch point of a real estate transaction, a mission he also brings to his position as Chair of the Professional Standards and Ethics Committee for the Beverly Hills/Greater Los Angeles Board of Realtors®. From this organization, he has received two prestigious awards: Realtor of the Year in 2012 and The William May Garland Award in 2013. Nick has also taken his leadership to the national stage, speaking on the topics of luxury real estate, entrepreneurship, and business management at real estate conferences around the United States. Nick is regularly quoted in top tier publications, including Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Business Journal and Huffington Post.
After growing up on the East Coast and being driven by an intensely competitive nature, Nick arrived to the workforce at the age of 13 on a bike, delivering “Newsday” through the streets of Westhampton Beach. Graduation from a Quaker Prep School and then Vassar College formed some of Nick’s intellectual curiosity prior to venturing forth to Los Angeles in 1984, seduced by the glamour and family lineage of the film industry. During a 4-year stint in the highly competitive Los Angeles entertainment environment, Nick was a working actor appearing in movies, television shows and commercials.
Realizing he wanted more control of his destiny and the ability to engage with people more directly, Nick transitioned to real estate in 1988. His natural aptitude for the business and his competitive nature helped him quickly rise up in the ranks of the profession.
Nick is the proud father of two children, Annie and Ted and husband to his beautiful wife Laura. Together, they reside in Santa Monica. When he’s not leading the industry, Nick can be found on the course. An avid golfer, he calls the sport “a game that will beguile me to my dying day.”

About Rick Ojeda: I am one of those rare Los Angeles natives, grew up in the San Fernando Valley but over the last 14 years I have enjoyed the westside communities of Brentwood, Culver City, Santa Monica and Marina del Rey.

I have been very fortunate to have traveled the world for business and pleasure and some of my favorite places are Hong Kong, Jordan, Israel, Paris, London, Scotland and Rome. I love experiencing other cultures, seeing how other people live…and above all it reminds me how blessed my life is and how much I appreciate where I call home…Los Angeles.

Early on in my life, I loved the idea of owning real estate and the opportunities it provides. I loved it so much that I even received my degree in Real Estate from California State University, Northridge. While in college I obtained my agents license and within a year of graduating I became a real estate broker and in charge of commercial acquisitions for a firm specializing in real estate syndication. Shortly thereafter, I also realized I was a bit of an entrepreneur and eventually went on to create various patented products and developed companies in the beauty, telecommunications, retail and entertainment industries. I mention this because, it’s my universal business knowledge that has been instrumental in my past and current successes and I now apply in my working relationship with clients in real estate.

About Shaun Alen-Lee: As a handpicked member of one of the most exclusive real estate teams in Southern California, guided by Nick Segal, Shaun joined Partners Trust having been a much sought-after consultant within the tech industry. A native Angeleno and legacy from a family of real estate financing entrepreneurs, he has a firm grasp on the Los Angeles marketplace by combining his quantitative approach with his intimate knowledge of the city.

Shaun has gained a reputation as one of the top up and coming real estate agents in Los Angeles and is known for his exceptional work ethic and ability to close deals. His inclusion on the team headed by the President of Partners Trust, former chair of the Professional Standards and Ethics Committee of Beverly Hills, speaks to his high level of integrity, respected by his colleagues throughout the industry.

After receiving his Bachelor’s degree from Loyola Marymount University in 2007, Shaun was recruited by a gaming conglomerate based in Dublin, Ireland. Having been mentored by Gaming Commission board members, CEOs, financial advisors and marketing experts in Europe, Shaun gained a wealth of international contacts and high-level business experience that serves his clients well today.

Shaun specializes in forging strong relationships and negotiating tactfully on behalf of his clients. His hybrid approach of strategy and personal care allows him to provide his clients with high quality research and valuable market insights. His unshakable belief that all clients have the right to be as well informed as possible is emblematic of his high character and authentic nature. Shaun’s passion to act as a facilitator for his clients needs is the driving force behind his dedication as an agent.

Having a well-rounded approach is of paramount importance to Shaun, when not representing clients his time is spent focusing on physical health, spiritual balance and being of service to the community.

Whether representing a buyer or seller, Shaun’s commitment to exceptional service exceeds all expectations.

About Christen Leanna Tull: Naturally inquisitive, Christen started her real estate career at an unusually young age. As a child she regularly interrupted her parents, both real estate professionals, with questions while they worked from their home offices. Eventually, her mother, a real estate attorney and her father, a seasoned real estate agent and investor, yielded to her repeated requests for permission to read their contracts and disclosures.  After spending several months studying documents in her “briefcase”, Christen announced that she was ready to start helping them with their work. From that point forward she did just that. What started out as parent’s attempts to occupy and challenge their young daughter has blossomed into a successful career and lifelong passion.

A Los Angeles native, Christen has over 15 years of local real estate experience. She started her career as an escrow assistant and quickly earned the designation of Escrow Officer where her penchant for preparation, prompt response, and attention to detail made her popular with clients. Setting her sights on having a stronger technical knowledge of each role played in a real estate transaction, she transitioned into sales and administrative management. It was only then that she discovered her true calling as an Operations Manager. Her strong desire to provide high quality service to clients and contribute to her team’s success led her to begin analyzing existing systems and products utilized by real estate professionals.  She quickly saw an opportunity to develop custom methods, better suited to the needs of her organization and their clients. Christen and the Segal & Ojeda team are pleased to provide every client with care and luxury service that is personal and tailored to their individual preferences and needs.

Selling a home that you’ve loved and lived in for thirty years requires more than an agent’s professional skills, no matter how highly honed. It requires, we think a very high level of empathy for all the feelings that selling a piece of your life involves. Both Rick and Nick possess that level of empathy to a unique degree. I think we will always be grateful to them.

— Luisa and Robert Towne

I wanted to take a few moments to tell you about my clients’ experience working with Rick Ojeda. They were in the process of relocating to LA and were referred to Rick and Partners Trust by their new employer. While I was skeptical at first working with an agent I hadn’t personally recommended to my clients, I quickly realized Rick’s skills as a negotiator and that he was a consummate professional. He was able to lock in a 3 month purchase agreement allowing my clients to move in right away and rent their future home, all before they had even found a buyer for their home here in San Diego. Throughout the course of the transaction, Rick remained extremely cognizant of all the important deadlines ensuring my clients’ earnest money was never put at risk and his assistant Sham Nooristani kept me apprised on any major milestones. What truly floored me, though, was that Rick helped my clients negotiate a $27,000 price reduction as well as a $11,500 credit from the sellers based on the condition of the home as determined by inspections Rick had recommended. Essentially he saved my clients nearly $40,000! Thank you Rick and Sham for taking such great care of my clients! The next time I have clients looking to relocate to LA I will be sure to refer them to your top tier real estate team!

— Robert Perry

Thank you so much for your help during the past few weeks. You are the best team ever... diligent, smart, strategic, fun, even tempered and more. I always felt like I was your priority, and with many clients to take care of, that says a lot.

— Barbara Silberbusch

My wife and I relocated to Los Angeles knowing little about the city, its neighborhoods, or its wild real estate market. It wasn’t long before we realized how lucky we were to have Rick as our guide. His knowledge of the area is remarkable, his business acumen is astounding, and his negotiating skills are nothing short of awesome. But even more impressive is his devotion and accessibility to his clients. I know we weren’t the only ones on his roster, but he sure made us feel that way. He is one of those rare agents that cares more about the long-term happiness of his clients than he does about making a quick buck. I can’t recommend him enough.

— T. Thieme

I bought my first home with Nick Segal twelve years ago and when I decided it was time to move on, Nick was the first person I called. This time I worked with both Nick and his partner Rick Ojeda. Working with them has been a pleasure from start to finish. First and foremost they are both great people, for whom honesty and integrity is the foundation of their business philosophy. Buying and selling homes is difficult enough without all of the cutthroat shenanigans that often go with it. I really appreciate Nick and Rick’s clear, honest, simple but firm, no nonsense approach. They have been operating this way for so long that their reputation of integrity precedes them, which in my experience has been a real asset. Integrity is only one of their virtues. Both Nick and Rick are brilliant strategists and negotiators and their experience and knowledge of Los Angeles real estate and it’s economic forces is superlative. They clearly love what they do, which is evident in their constant attention to detail and genuine commitment to making sure you get a home you love at the correct price with no hidden problems. Plus they are fun and interesting people to spend all of those hours looking around properties with. All in all, I can’t recommend them more highly. Ten Stars! What touches me most...the principles of WHY you created PT were demonstrated ...CHEERS Nick Segal...

— Charlie H.

I just want to thank you for all of your hard work and efforts in selling my folks’ house. My sister Maureen and I both appreciate all of your professionalism and expertise in guiding the sale through to completion. You made it a very smooth process and provided meaningful assistance in all aspects of bringing the sale to fruition. From the time of our first meeting in my folks’ den to the close of escrow it was really a very quick and efficient process. I think we achieved our goals with the sale and hope that the new owners enjoy the house as much as our family did for over 50 years. So again many thanks for your excellent services and hard work in selling our family home.

— Mike and Maureen

Nick has represented me or my clients in well over one dozen transactions. In every instance he has delivered with a professional service marked by uncommon expertise of the market coupled with excellent communication.

— David M. Huff, Esq.

If you want someone to tell you what you want to hear, Nick is not the right guy for you. Nick tells it like it is.

— Michael Karlin

People with greatness are always few and far between. The mastery that Nick Segal brings to his passion for real estate lives in that rarified space. We have done 20 plus successful real estate transactions with Nick, over a 15 year time frame, during every kind of market condition. We have always made money (lots of it) and enjoyed beautiful homes. Nick’s taste...Nick’s strategic acumen...Nick’s negotiating skills...Nick’s loyalty...Nick’s elegance...Nick’s integrity...Nick’s authentic concern for all parties involved makes him Best In Class. Look no further. Engage Nick to make your real estate dreams come true.

— Hubert de La Bouillerie & Debbie Robins-de La Bouillerie

Nick Segal is not just the consummate realtor, he is our consummate realtor. He brings us a vast array of expert knowledge along with his unique way of serving all with finesse and genuine caring.

— John Morton

Your team was OUTSTANDING! I have never seen such a tremendous job. Like a well-oiled machine. Maybe you should consider managing the Mets!

— Richard

Segal & Ojeda Reviews

Highly likely to recommend

05/29/2018 - meldlewis

Sold a Single Family home in 2018 for approximately $2.5M in Mid City, Los Angeles, CA.

Rick and Amy did a nice job navigating the complicated process of selling our home and then assisting with finding a new one on the other end. We have used Rick for 4 transactions now (buying and selling) - that says something! Realtors are a dime a dozen (no offense intended) so when you find one that works - loyalty counts!

Highly likely to recommend

05/28/2018 - dcarbado

Bought and sold a Single Family home in 2018 for approximately $2.5M in Mid City, Los Angeles, CA.

Rick Ojeda was precisely the real estate agent we needed. Ours was more than the ordinary purchase of X home on contingency of selling Y home. Making matters even more complex, Rick represented us as buyers and sellers--and he represented the people on the home we were buying. And, there were all sorts of contingencies, the details of which I will spare you. Rick sorted it all out, and he did so with utter and complete care, patience, transparency, and professionalism. I give him the highest possible marks, and not because we always agreed on everything but precisely because we did not. How he managed those moments when we wanted to do A and he suggested B served us better than we could have possibly hoped. The short of it is you absolutely cannot go wrong with Rick; he is a real estate agent par excellence and we recommend him highly and enthusiastically. Finally, his assistant, Amy Castillo, was simply superb. She made the process of selling one house and buying another--and all within 45 days--seamless.

Highly likely to recommend

05/07/2018 - uci2001

Bought and sold a Single Family home in 2018 for approximately $850K in Woodland Hills, Woodland Hills, CA.

This has been our second time using Rick. We first used him when we moved out to Los Angeles and needed to purchase a home fairly quickly. Him and his team stopped at nothing to ensure that we found a home that suited all of our needs. We decided to move back to San Diego and didn't hesitate to reach out to Rick again to sell our home. Honestly, we would not have used anyone else. Rick reached out to us immediately and advised us on what was needed in order to get the best price possible. Our house went on the market the first week of January and we had an offer two days after it was listed over the asking price! Rick and his team are fantastic! Rick was also able to help us find a realtor in San Diego to help us purchase our new home. We would highly recommend Rick and will definitely send anyone his way who is looking buy or sell a home in Los Angeles.

Highly likely to recommend

04/29/2018 - user82766999

Sold a Single Family home in 2018 for approximately $775K in Woodland Hills, Woodland Hills, CA.

WOW!! is the only way to start our review of Rick Ojeda and Amy Castillo of Pacific Union International. Rick's can-do attitude without the typical salesman cockiness was refreshing and real. We interviewed several other agents about selling our house before we met with Rick and the difference was obvious from the outset. Rick came in with a strategy that cost us almost nothing, yet we sold the house for well over the asking price in just a few weeks, while the other agents told us the only way to sell our house would be by spending thousands on redecorating and staging just to get our asking price. Rick and Amy really listened to all of our concerns and provided an incredible level of communication and customized service through the entire process. Their thoroughness, friendliness, and professionalism are amazing! If you are looking for an agent to help you sell your house, look no further than Rick Ojeda and Amy Castillo. They’re the best!

Brian and Jenny S.

Highly likely to recommend

03/19/2018 - Matt Rising

Sold a Multi Family home in 2018 for approximately $2.5M in Westwood, Los Angeles, CA.

I worked with Rick on the sale of my condo on the Wilshire Corridor. Rick had recently worked with several other people in my building and had gotten record sales prices. Rick was able to help set a price that made the unit move almost immediately (two weeks until we got two offers on our asking price). Rick and Amy from his team handled all the details, minimizing the work on my end.

I would highly recommend Rick to others out there looking for a residential real estate broker.

Highly likely to recommend

03/02/2018 - melussier

Bought and sold a Condo home in 2018 for approximately $1.75M in Century City, Los Angeles, CA.

I have known Rick Ojeda for six years now and can honestly say that every time I work with him he exceeds my expectations and delivers. I first met Rick when he sold my home in Encino during a divorce and he was incredibly sensitive and professional along with getting us multiple bids the first week. He then found me a lovely condo in Century City where I have been very happy and the condo's value has increased significantly. We just purchased another property together and it's always a pleasure. Rick and his team are knowledgeable, professional, detail oriented, hands-on and they take care of most everything with efficiency, ease, pleasure and patience. Rick always has his client's best interest at heart and is really strategic in his thinking about how to get your needs met. Plus, he has a great sense of humor which makes the process less stressful and more fun. I always look forward to working with Rick.

Highly likely to recommend

11/30/2017 - nbrown42

Bought and sold a Single Family home in 2017 for approximately $3.175M in Brentwood, Los Angeles, CA.

I wanted to reflect and applaud the superb service that rick Ojeda, Nick Segal, Caroline Berry and their Team provided for me in the sale of my residential home. Well prior to being marketed there were many issues that needed to be handled in the home as it was rather jaded and had not gone under any form of reparation work for at least 15 years. Rick, in particular took on the responsibility for helping me arrange the builders, plumbers sewer people, roof and other vendors to give my property a major facelift. This was a great investment for me in terms of way the property was eventually sold and the price it was sold for. I was very touched by Rick’s application here spending many hours working with the vendors and coming up with proposals and talking them through with me so we can get the right price and the work done in the way it needs to be. His consistent follow up and follow through was excellent.

When it came to marketing the house, the brochure they prepared and the Caravan they organized before the house was actually listed went very positively. Rick and Caroline were also available to show people around as I was not living there and the number of times that they had to continue to go over there to make sure everything was in order, particularly when the staging was put in, and both their willingness to do what it took to get the house into a marketable position was very positive.

Rick called me whenever it was necessary to meet and talk with potential buyers and was always instrumental to helping me in the price he thought I should be negotiating with the buyer.

The property was initially two sold quite quickly within a two week period of being marketed and unfortunately the buyer dropped out of escrow days beforehand as there were issues with the property that he was not comfortable with. Rick handled this very professionally and the way he dealt with the buyer and the escrow company in this matter. Nick got more involved when we put it on market again without staging as Rick was on vacation and helped me tremendously in meeting potential buyers and talking about how we should negotiate.

Rick’s Team are a very professional operation and one that I will recommend to my major Entertainment Clients as I am a Business Manager. I want to thank them for all of their efforts, their quality service and their ability to truly follow through and get my house sold in the way that it was and my thanks will always go with them!

Highly likely to recommend

09/07/2017 - Dean Sherry

Bought a Single Family home in 2017 for approximately $3.775M in Beverly Hills, CA.

It was a bright and clear day in mid-May when I got a text alert for an open house on S. Rodeo Dr in my beloved hometown of Beverly Hills. I was driving westbound on Olympic Blvd and was close so I decided to make a quick stop with no expectations...

I was raised and born in Beverly Hills so when I moved back to LA several years ago I got married and had my first kid and my wife and I decided to move back to my old house which my parents had been renting. However, after several years there we started to get an itch to move and put our feelers out there to take the equity we had in the house and upgrade within Beverly Hills. We weren't in any rush but had seen a number of over-priced and under kept houses which dampened our hopes a bit. We were looking for the right house and could afford to wait to find it. So when I walked through the doors of this house on Rodeo, I knew I had found it. In an instinct. I have pretty good instincts and I was sure this was the house for me and my family. After a quick run-through I bumped into the listing agent, Rick Ojeda. I've dealt with a lot of brokers and agents in my professional career so I'm kind of jaded but there was something about this guy's demeanor and presence that seemed to fit right into the feeling I got from this house. After a brief conversation with Rick I once again trusted my instincts and asked him to represent us in the deal rather than the agent we were going to use. I just had this feeling that if we played our cards right Rick could guide us through the deal. I knew I had to move very quickly... Houses like this rarely come up for sale and this was something special, so we put in an offer that night and now it was in Rick's hands...

It's been said that adversity doesn't build character... It reveals it.
Our offer got accepted and halfway through escrow we realized we had to change course with our loan broker, which meant asking for more time. The moment came where I had to tell Rick what happened and it was not a conversation I wanted to have with him. After I told him I held by breathe waiting for his response, which was "Uggghh... (long pause) OK this is our game plan". That was THE defining moment in this deal. I thought Rick could've abandoned us and went with the next buyer but he knew we were the right family for this house and trusted his instincts despite the pushback he was going to get and helped us close and he did it honestly and ethically and with great tact. A real professional and a great guy who works for a great company! Rick Ojeda and the Partner's Trust just do things the right way... an idea which seems to have been lost on us in today's real estate market.

Highly likely to recommend

10/21/2016 - Jonathan Heine

Sold a Single Family home in 2016 for approximately $1.7M in Tarzana, Tarzana, CA.

Great advice, from pricing to tactics. Great support from excellent photos and marketing, to professionally staffed and organized open houses, to careful and sophisticated negotiations, to professional and thorough closing. Worked in partnership with me, through the business and personal decisions of selling such an important asset and part of my life. They provide An integrated team with dedicated involvement and availability at all levels and for all aspects of the process. In an increasingly tough market, with tough buyers, they got me top dollar, excellent deal terms, and got it closed in 60 days, from initial listing to closing, when a lot of other deals in the market were falling through. I've been buying and selling real estate for decades, and this team gets my highest marks.

Highly likely to recommend

10/21/2016 - Jonathan Heine

Sold a Single Family home in 2016 for approximately $1.7M in Tarzana, Tarzana, CA.

Great advice, from pricing to tactics. Great support from excellent photos and marketing, to professionally staffed and organized open houses, to careful and sophisticated negotiations, to professional and thorough closing. Worked in partnership with me, through the business and personal decisions of selling such an important asset and part of my life. They provide An integrated team with dedicated involvement and availability at all levels and for all aspects of the process. In an increasingly tough market, with tough buyers, they got me top dollar, excellent deal terms, and got it closed in 60 days, from initial listing to closing, when a lot of other deals in the market were falling through. I've been buying and selling real estate for decades, and this team gets my highest marks.

Highly likely to recommend

04/12/2016 - joe4779

Bought a Single Family home in 2016 for approximately $5.35M in Brentwood, Los Angeles, CA.

He is a natural in real estate business. He has a rare ability to pinpoint the perfect properties and help me acquire them as great investments and as well as personal home.

Highly likely to recommend

12/22/2015 - aricgchristopher

Bought and sold a Single Family home in 2015 for approximately $2.5M in Venice, Venice, CA.

This will be my third home transaction on record. All different cities of California, all different markets, all different experiences. When entering LA, I was aware that the task at hand would be complex and was anxious of prices and the overall market on a whole. After being unsuccessfully paraded about by several realtors of recomendation, nothing seemed to be clicking. I took a brief hiatus, and then a close friend recommended Shaun Alan Lee of Partners Trust to me. YAHTZEE! Literally, from our initial meeting, I knew it just a matter if time. We casually met, I conveyed my vision, and he confidently opened his world to mine. Respectful attention, passionate drive, and knowledgable market analysis on his behalf, landed me in my dream home in Venice :) The entire negotiation process felt more like a casual conversation in passing versus a legal affair. Shauns main concern was my comfort, which for me, was everything. Moving forward with purchasing, selling, and renting I will actively utilize and highly recommend Shaun. He is the epitome of a contemporary professional, and has the supreme team of Partners Trust in his corner. 10/10

Highly likely to recommend

10/25/2015 - Brooks Perry

Bought a Condo home in 2015 for approximately $750K in Sawtelle, Los Angeles, CA.

I worked with Shaun to buy my condo in West LA over the summer and my experience really could not have been better for a first time home owner. It was clear from the start that Shaun is interested in building long-lasting relationships with his clients through hard work and a firm foundation in real estate that is based on respect. He went out of his way to educate me and my family and made the process as painless as possible from the initial search all the way through closing of escrow. Shaun is a highly motivated professional with experience WAY beyond his years (as I quickly observed through my interactions with other sellers) and because he was born and raised here, his knowledge of the LA area is extensive. His responsiveness via text, email, and phone were all very quick and he made a sincere effort to work around my hectic career schedule. He's a strong negotiator as well- Shaun even managed to work in some key furniture pieces from the previous owner and for that I am both impressed and grateful. Overall, I have had and continue to have a wonderful experience working with Shaun and everyone at Partners Trust (especially Nick and Sham) and I HIGHLY recommend him.

Highly likely to recommend

08/23/2015 - Liz young4

Bought and sold a Single Family home in 2015 for approximately $600K in Valley Glen, Valley Village, CA.

Shaun was incredibly Knowledgeable and helpful throughout the whole process of helping us to find and buy a new house as well as selling a house for us. His help and advice made everything run smoothly and very successfully. He assisted us at every stage, explained all the documentation and was a pleasure to work with. Shaun is extremely charming, competent and totally professional at all times.

Highly likely to recommend

05/11/2015 - ashleyalanlee

Bought a Single Family home in 2015 for approximately $700K in Woodland Hills, Woodland Hills, CA.

Shaun provided invaluable education, negotiation skills, and excellent communication while acting as our realtor. He is now our permanent realtor and we've recommended him to several potential home buyers. You will be in great hands with Shaun, and he will get you the best deal possible.

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