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Tony Potts

Associate Partner

CalBRE# 01969325

Tony Potts Realtor

You  may know me from my years hosting NBC’s Access Hollywood, but what you may not know was that during all those years traveling the world, I was also buying and selling real estate for my own private portfolio right here in Los Angeles. It's my passion. In fact, real estate has been my passion since I was a kid. (Some say I am still a kid and I'd like to believe that's a compliment).

In fact, as a kid, I would mow my neighbor's lawns just outside of Seattle to make money. Often, while mowing, I would look at my neighbor's house and assess what they needed to improve, flowers to add and what pattern I should cut their grass. I was 8. 

Now, fast-forward to my move to Los Angeles from New York and I'm buying and selling for myself when a few of my friends and colleagues at NBC and Access Hollywood got wind of what I was doing.  Which included, by the way, riding my motorcycle around the southland checking out open houses, duplexes, triplexes, foreclosures and more.

Remember, this was during the dial-up internet days when you couldn't find any real estate information online, so I had to ride my motorcycle around Southern California to learn about all the areas and build my database of first-hand, real estate knowledge. I strategically used this advantage to negotiate millions in real estate deals during the past 17-years for my friends and colleagues. 

Which leads me today. I'm here to strategize and negotiate for you from a place where most agents can't relate: It's where you are sitting right now. You see, all those years I was in your seat, sitting across from an agent who either wanted me to list with them or buy one of their properties. I sat there wondering, probably like you, a couple of things; are they just out for the money, will they take care of me or will I get taken advantage of? I had to be my own ambassador. Now, I am thrilled to be yours.

So, if you see me on my motorcycle (or in my car) please wave and say, "Hello!" You may also want to follow me, because I'm probably on the way to a incredible real estate deal. 

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