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Scott G. Miller

Associate Partner

CalBRE# 01019543

Scott G. Miller Realtor

What kind of value does a real estate agent bring to the table when representing a seller? The kind of value that results in more money in the seller’s pocket. In today’s real estate market, the prioritizing of the varying components that make for an effective agent, have been reorganized. The internet has changed the market dynamic in a major way. The attribute of knowing the overall market, the local market, and the market as it pertains to a specific property, has diminished. All that information is now available to anybody and everybody, with merely the click of a few computer keys. Many owners are now more of an expert on their own home value, than that of many agents. So, the question remains: “What value does an agent bring to the seller’s table?”  The answer is NEGOTIATION expertise. Experienced and effective negotiation, puts real dollars in the client’s pocket.  This factor is essential in ensuring that the seller get the highest price. Truly effective and expert negotiation skills are only attained through experience.  I have been selling real estate for 29 years, and have negotiated over $1.2 Billion dollars in real estate consideration.

2017 marks my 34th year in sales; 29 of those years, in real estate. It is exhilarating (and a little depressing) to think about; it continues to be an exciting and challenging endeavor. My first job in sales was with the IBM Corporation. For nearly five years I benefited from what many consider to be the finest sales training in the country. However, it didn’t take long for me to realize that the substantive opportunities existed in the Southern California real estate market. In 1988 I was hired by Coldwell Banker Commercial (now CBRE), and enjoyed a recognition filled 12 years of sales performance. In 1999, I was recruited by Don Hendricks of Hendricks & Partners (now BERKADIA), to open their first Los Angeles office. After five rewarding years with Hendricks, I determined it was time to strike out on my own. I established Sagamore Hill Properties (named after the residence of a most revered figure from history, Teddy Roosevelt); it was operated as a boutique real estate investment and development company. My primary focus was purchasing and renovating of both single family and multi housing properties. As a principle, I was either the buyer or the seller in the varying projects I undertook. As a broker, these experiences have given me unique insight into the thought process of both buyer and seller; information that arms me with key intuition during a negotiation. The varying projects undertaken were spread throughout Los Angeles; which despite its problems, remains one of the nation’s greatest cities.

Los Angeles is my home. I was born and raised in the Pacific Palisades. In 1993 I purchased my first house, also located in the Pacific Palisades, and called it home for nearly 20 years. The beautiful Pacific Ocean always calls to me, however a few years back, my family and I started itching for some wide, open space. The country was now calling, and in 2010 my family and I moved to the Conejo Valley, and now enjoy the country life at our home in Old Agoura. A total 180 turnabout from our old life, and we love it. Don’t get me wrong, I miss the beautiful blue Pacific, but there is nothing quite like country living in the beautiful Conejo Valley. My wife and children couldn’t agree more. My wife and I are blessed with two children, a son who is graduating High School soon, and a daughter who is currently a junior at Cal Berkeley. My wife keeps our household running smooth, while also working as a Portfolio Strategist with an area mortgage banking firm; additionally, she maintains her responsibilities with the Los Angeles Junior League (suddenly my 34 years in sales isn’t such a big deal). I am very cognizant of my many blessings, and remain thankful for them every minute of every of every day.

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