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Ben Kelly

Founding Partner La Cañada Flintridge

CalBRE# 01414185

Ben Kelly Realtor

Experience! Expertise! Enthusiasm! These are three words that describe what Ben Kelly offers his clients. After a successful career in the professional sports & art publishing industries, Ben decided to become a Realtor in 2003 to combine his entrepreneurial spirit, passion for working with people, and love for historic and architecturally significant properties. As a licensed Realtor, Ben continues to draw upon his education and vast professional experience to offer his clients unparalleled professionalism and client-focused service. When working with clients, Ben's main objective is to help his clients assess their real estate goals and to develop a strategic plan to help them to reach those goals in the most efficient and stress-free manner. In the process, Ben strives to develop long-term relationships with his clients and is completely dedicated to always working with his clients' best interests in mind. Ben was raised in La Cañada Flintridge and attended La Cañada High School (class of 1987) before attending UCLA where he graduated with a bachelor's degree in Psychology & Business in 1992. He has been married to his wife Cristina since 2008 and has two wonderful daughters, Victoria (8) and Alexandra (6). His family resides in La Cañada Flintridge.

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Ben helped us find and purchase a home in an extremely competitive market. We had been looking for a home for almost a year when we turned to Ben for help. Within weeks he had us contending for homes that we otherwise would not have had the opportunity to see. We were only able to purchase our current home because of Ben's knowledge of the market and connections with other real estate professionals. He is friendly, very easy to work with and has great staff supporting him.

— Tiffany Petroc

Sep 19, 2015

Ben was an incredibly patient and competent realtor. We had such a good experience, even in a tricky real estate market, and a difficult sale. The house was in terrible condition and had major problems during escrow. He was able to work out some concessions with the seller and ultimately close the deal. He is able to navigate any situation with grace and kindness. He was able to close a very difficult deal, as a result, I refer him to people as a capable and honest realtor, one that is also a pleasure to work with.

— Brandi Garris

Sep 23, 2015

As part of a relocation out of state, my wife and I decided to list our Pasadena home which we had lived in for the past nine years. We had done some significant upgrades, however, we knew to be effective in the sale, we probably had a few items to address prior to listing the home publicly. And although we were hopeful of having a timely sale, we still had concerns as timing was extremely important. Complicating the sell was the fact that our home is a "two on a lot" with tenants occupying one of the homes. After interviewing several highly qualified and reputable realtors, we ultimately selected Ben to lead the effort to sell our home. Ben was very effective in helping us in several important areas: *choosing an offer price *identifying cost effective upgrades and/or staging options (even providing highly trustworthy handymen to serve our needs) *working with tenants to schedule required maintenance, appraisal and inspections. We settled on the list price and even before listing we had an offer for over full price. Despite this, we were only a few days from the public listing and decided to proceed rather than accept the offer. We had four offers within the first several days and settled on a buyer and several back ups. Now the fun began. After an inspection, the buyers wanted to negotiate repairs. If it wasn't for Ben's negotiating and relational skills, the sale may have ended there. However, we were able to meet in the middle and proceed with the sale. Ben had saved us thousands of dollars. The buyer's lender promised a lot but was also very demanding with repeated conditions that needed to be met. At one point, we were ready to proceed to the back up, but Ben's experience and wisdom derived from similar experiences allowed us to proceed with the buyer--pushing just enough but also showing mercy when needed to expedite the process. Complicating the process further was the fact that the buyer's agent took an international vacation just around the scheduled closing. Finally, Ben was very effective in helping us negotiate with our tenants to allow just the right amount of access that allowed prospective buyers the opportunity to view the leased unit. In short, I have no doubts that had it not been for Ben's extraordinary professionalism, our home would not have been sold in a timely fashion for the amount desired. We received our asking price and were able to proceed with the purchase of our new home without delay or complication. My wife and I have nothing but high praise and unreserved recommendation for Ben. Thank you.

Oct 11, 2015

Knowing selling our house after many years was going to be an emotional and difficult task, we interviewed a few prominent realtors in our area. Ben Kelly responded to our request immediately and came to us very well prepared. We chose Ben because he was very professional, ethical and very positive. Most of all he was a very likable person. We were certainly proven right with our choice when we saw him in action. He did a fantastic job throughout the entire process and followed a wining strategy to sell our house. While he was very strong in handling different situations, he was patience with us and was able to masterfully overcome many obstacles. we are very happy with the result and will recommend Ben Kelly to our friends.

— Brian Zomorodi

Feb 3, 2016

Ben Kelly has proven beyond a doubt he has become a top agent in the La Canada market. My wife and I have worked with Ben for at least seven years, and known him for ten. In that time we bought and or sold eight homes with Ben Kelly. When I first met Ben I was working with a different agent. However, without expectations he helped us out in a variety ways for years, and this is a rare quality. I strongly recommend Ben Kelly to anyone who is selling or buying a home.

— John Herkert

Sep 16, 2015

Ben is a fantastic agent...he was extremely responsive and make himself available any time we needed him or had a question....he went above and beyond in helping us ...i would highly recommend ben ...i dont think we would have gotten our new house without him!

— Rishi Garg

Sep 16, 2015

Dear Ben, Thank you. I am so grateful to you for all of your diligence and hard work in helping me to buy my house. This opportunity would never have come without you and I thank you for everything you did and for thinking of me when this house came up. Thank you again and I wish you and your family the very best. See you around town.

— Grace

Oct 1, 2017

Ben Kelly first of all, is a friend, he is thoughtful and kind. He is a great realtor. one you can trust. He sold our mother's home, our daughter's home and has stepped in to help and offer advice. We were in good hands with him. Thanks Ben!

— Dona Slotrem

Great person! Personality. Extremely likeable. Everyone loves Ben. You know immediately when you meet him. He is a very caring agent. His goal is to help you get to the next level. To make that transition. Very professional. in handling people, Respondsiveness is excellent. Has that immediate knowing of what is best for his clients. Does not push. or pressure. buy knows when to guide you . Rate this agent. as a first class realtor above & beyond.

May 19, 2012

Ben is a model for a great real estate agent! Over this last year he helped us sell our home, then find a new home. He sold our home with multiple offers within 1 week after put it on the market. He took it over from our previous agent who was unable to sell it over the previous 6 months. Ben took the very patient approach of doing a detailed market analysis, bringing in a professional stager to make the home more appealing, giving us time to respond to feedback from stager. The end result was a little more time to put the home on the market, but selling the home within 1 week. In addition, he took the responsibility of responding to buyers needs or visits to the home during escrow. When looking for a home, he took the approach of getting a good feeling for the home we were looking for. Instead of taking us to see numerous homes, he instead did his research to identify potential homes for us. When we did find the right home he used his keen negotiation skills to close the deal quickly. During both escrow periods, he was accessible, and responsive, taking full ownership of ensuring smooth escrow periods, and finding simple ways to overcome hurdles as they might have appeared. Ben earned our highest recommendation, and he is our only stop should we ever enter the market again!

Sep 3, 2013

We love Ben. When we moved out of California in 2006, he was recommended to us by friends. Ben was responsive, attentive and it really felt like he knew his stuff. The selling process went really well and we were very pleased. We stayed friends on Facebook. Fast forward 10 years, we had an opportunity to move back and we sent the email really quick telling him he was hired. In that time, Ben had really grown his business. At times, we worked with people who worked for him, but they were all really great as well, and he remained personally involved (and informed) during the entire process and was the one who accompanied us on our house hunting day (we didn't have a lot of time and weren't able to give him a lot of warning, but he made time for us.

— James Lamb

Oct 10, 2017

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